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Selected Research Highlights

OpenSesame Customer Review

Why OpenSesame customers love our curation services

5/5 Stars

Please describe your experience of working with the OpenSesame's Curation team when curating courses:

They helped us find relevant courses and provided lists to go over to see what would work for our learners.

Would you recommend OpenSesame and it's curation services?

The curation services are great and really help you find the best possible courses for your employees while saving you time in the process!

OpenSesame Customer Research

Training program efficiencies gained by manufacturing organizations

Since you started using OpenSesame, how has your training program become more efficient?

Offered more elearning courses and topics
Average courses taken per learner has increased
Spent less internal resources and time building training courses
Reduced L&D spend
Improved training ROI

OpenSesame Customer Research

Rate how your safety training program has changed as a result of using OpenSesame’s safety courses.

Greatly improved Improved No change Worsened Greatly worsened

Cost of safety training
Number of training vendors we manage
Diversity of safety course offering (formats, styles)
Job related incidents/accidents
Utilization and/or completion rates for safety training

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

We save a lot of time and budget dollars by using OpenSesame compliance courses for our Harassment Prevention, ADA, Safety, and other courses.

Andrew Krajewski, Learning and Development Director, EnerSys

OpenSesame Case Study

Johnstone Supply creates integrated training program with OpenSesame and BlueVolt LMS


This case study of Johnstone Supply is based on a July 2017 survey of OpenSesame customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“OpenSesame is convenient with its seamless integration to our LMS (BlueVolt) and thousands of course options that are easy to manage. The course update communication gives us the confidence that we are getting the most recent version of the course available without having to manage it on our own as we often do with other vendors. Anything that saves us time is priceless to us!”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select OpenSesame:

  • Faced the following challenges when providing online training to learners at their company:
    • Seeing a return on training or higher performance after training
    • Working with multiple vendors
  • Offered 101-500 training courses to their learners prior to using OpenSesame.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with OpenSesame:

  • Able to offer over 20,000 training courses to their learners after purchasing OpenSesame.
  • Created over 30 new training tracks or programs after using OpenSesame.

OpenSesame Case Study

Bridge customer saves time, money while improving quality of eLearning


This case study of a large enterprise computer services company is based on an October 2016 survey of OpenSesame customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“OpenSesame saves me time finding and administering courses for my learners.”

“OpenSesame saves my company money in delivering and administering training courses for our learners.”

“With OpenSesame, we are providing more and better quality training topics to our associates.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select OpenSesame:

  • Major organizational learning and development challenges:
    • Meeting the needs of a diverse workforce (multi-generational, multi-lingual)
    • Offering mobile, on the go training
    • Building a learning culture
    • Building future leaders
    • Serving the needs of different job functions (sales, marketing, leadership)

Use Case

Learning and development profile:

  • Uses the following learning management system (LMS):
    • Bridge
  • Primary reasons for purchasing OpenSesame:
    • It integrated with their current LMS
    • The catalog had the courses they were looking for
    • The catalog had high-quality courses
    • The breadth of the catalog satisfies the broad needs of their company
  • Main categories / courses used from OpenSesame:
    • HR compliance
    • Leadership and business skill
    • Technology (Microsoft Office, Google/G Suite Applications)


  • Has seen the following benefits since using OpenSesame:
    • Gained access to a broad spectrum of training courses their company needed
    • Improved employee utilization of training
    • Improved employee engagement / satisfaction with training
  • Rates the following OpenSesame features compared to other companies delivering course content:
    • Breadth and quality of courses: best in class
    • Affordability: superior
    • Customer service: best in class
    • Ease of administering courses: best in class
    • Integration with their LMS: best in class

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