Why partner with OpenSesame?

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OpenSesame Customer Research

Top reasons retailers choose OpenSesame

What were the major reasons you decided to purchase OpenSesame?

Breadth of catalog will satisfy the broad needs of my company
Integrated with my current LMS
Catalog had courses of high-quality
Catalog had the courses I was looking for
Courses were reviewed, evaluated, and curated
Referral from colleague or friend

OpenSesame Customer Satisfaction Rating

Content variety is key

Pam Hilliard, a Human Resources Manager at Maui Jim Sunglasses, would be likely to recommend OpenSesame for this reason:

I like the variety of the types of training. They don’t all look and feel the same.

OpenSesame Customer Review

Retailer leans on OpenSesame to improve knowledge retention

4.5/5 Stars

How our organization uses OpenSesame:

We use OpenSesame to provide more frequent training, rather than longer CBT courses, so users may retain more information.

OpenSesame Customer Research

Retailers rank OpenSesame above competitors

How would you rate OpenSesame compared to other companies delivering elearning course content?

Best in Class Superior Better Inferior

Breadth and quality of courses
Customer service
Ease of administering courses
Integration with my LMS

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

How is OpenSesame different from other elearning vendors?

The portfolio of offerings (i.e. the many libraries), and the quality of the courses themselves.

Socrates Sakell, Senior Director, Leaning & Development, ABC Fine Wines & Spirits

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Professional (and personal) development for learners

OpenSesame helped us build a foundation of basic courses for our employees. We see people taking OpenSesame courses to better themselves outside of the everyday tasks of their jobs, for example, learning how to use Microsoft Excel or manage their time.

Human Resources Manager, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Seamless LMS integration and course management

OpenSesame is convenient with its seamless integration to our LMS (BlueVolt) and thousands of course options that are easy to manage. The course update communication gives us the confidence that we are getting the most recent version of the course available without having to manage it on our own as we often do with other vendors. Anything that saves us time is priceless to us!

Lori Hansen, University Administrator - eLearning Developer, Johnstone Supply

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Easier to find, administer training content

OpenSesame has made relevant content easy to find and administer. Plus, being able to request and preview courses is really helpful.

Becky Aquino, Learning & Development Specialist, First Supply

OpenSesame Customer Fact

Expanded course offering with OpenSesame

Johnstone Supply was able to offer over 20,000 training courses to their learners after purchasing OpenSesame.