Training program savings and improvements

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OpenSesame Customer Fact

Industrial manufacturer saves with OpenSesame

Emerson saved $75,000 – $99,999 after using OpenSesame.

OpenSesame Customer Statistic

Quick training ROI with OpenSesame

67% of surveyed manufacturing organizations realized a return on their investment in OpenSesame in less than a year.

OpenSesame Customer Research

Training program efficiencies gained by manufacturing organizations

Since you started using OpenSesame, how has your training program become more efficient?

Offered more elearning courses and topics
Average courses taken per learner has increased
Spent less internal resources and time building training courses
Reduced L&D spend
Improved training ROI

OpenSesame Customer Statistic

Manufacturing organizations offer more training with OpenSesame

80% of surveyed Manufacturing organizations offered more elearning courses and topics since implementing OpenSesame.

OpenSesame Customer Fact

Training savings with OpenSesame

A large enterprise industrial manufacturing company saved over $25,000 after using OpenSesame.

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

OpenSesame helps ignite learning culture

Across a population of around 2000 employees, our region in Asia Pacific has been a pilot for the global business (around 25000 employees).

For this pilot, it has re-ignited an appetite for continuous learning that the long-serving members of the business had somewhat lost. This concept of continuous learning is now reaching all corners of the business at all levels.

The value of this movement can not be underestimated for a business that knows it needs to keep on building its capability to remain competitive.

Matt Mafrici, Asia Pacific Learning and Development , Owens-Illinois

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Nidec Motor Corporation delivers training value

The immediate availability of training elearning content with the ease of accessing it online had the greatest impact on HR delivering value.

Joseph Stoff, Sr. Human Resources Director, Nidec Motor Corporation

OpenSesame Customer Statistic

Manufacturers save on training costs with OpenSesame

100% of manufacturing organizations agreed with the following statement:

“OpenSesame saves my company money in delivering and administering training courses for our learners.”