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OpenSesame Customer Satisfaction Rating

Why Owens-Illinois recommends OpenSesame

Matt Mafrici, a Human Resources Manager at Owens-Illinois, would be very likely to recommend OpenSesame for this reason:

Everything worked exactly the way it was described.

The Customer Service was exemplary — lots of contact and check-ins to see if there was anything further that could be done.

We launched a region-wide LMS at the same time as the OpenSesame elearning, so it was risky. Happy to say it was seamless.

OpenSesame Customer Satisfaction Rating

Why Nidec Motor Corporation recommends OpenSesame

Joseph Stoff, a Sr. Human Resources Director at Nidec Motor Corporation, would be very likely to recommend OpenSesame for this reason:

OpenSesame provides exceptional account management and technical & customer support.

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

OpenSesame helps ignite learning culture

Across a population of around 2000 employees, our region in Asia Pacific has been a pilot for the global business (around 25000 employees).

For this pilot, it has re-ignited an appetite for continuous learning that the long-serving members of the business had somewhat lost. This concept of continuous learning is now reaching all corners of the business at all levels.

The value of this movement can not be underestimated for a business that knows it needs to keep on building its capability to remain competitive.

Matt Mafrici, Asia Pacific Learning and Development , Owens-Illinois

OpenSesame Customer Satisfaction Rating

Why Blount International Inc. recommends OpenSesame

Julie Hugo, a Learning and Development Coordinator at Blount International, would be very likely to recommend OpenSesame for these reasons:

A large selection of relevant, quality videos, loading the courses into our Learning Management System is easy, and the support staff at OpenSesame is knowledgeable, efficient, and focused on serving the customer.

OpenSesame Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Business Professional at a large enterprise construction company would be very likely to recommend OpenSesame for this reason:

In sourcing Open Content solutions, we assessed several options and found OpenSesame to be highly responsive, flexible from a pricing perspective, and simple to navigate as a resource administrator.

OpenSesame Customer Statistic

Improved learning with OpenSesame LMS integrations

75% of surveyed organizations improved their ability to administer and deploy elearning after they used an OpenSesame integration with their LMS.


OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Easier to find, administer training content

OpenSesame has made relevant content easy to find and administer. Plus, being able to request and preview courses is really helpful.

Becky Aquino, Learning & Development Specialist, First Supply