Why partner with OpenSesame?

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

How is OpenSesame different than Skillsoft?

OpenSesame doesn’t create the content; rather, it leverages multiple publishers. This adds variety to a full library of courses available. In addition, OpenSesame has courses available in multiple languages as part of the standard OpenSesame Plus subscription. No added expense for translations.

L&D Manager, S&P 500 Aerospace & Defense Company

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Content variety is key

Amalgamation is key. The variety of sources, languages, and content types from microlearning through multi-session certification programs allows me to offer a considerable variety to our employees.

Andrew Krajewski, L&D Director, EnerSys

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Curating courses with OpenSesame Lists

It is easier to filter courses in OpenSesame and the difference is the “My Lists” function.

Lois Parks, L&D Director, Koenig & Bauer AG

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Why OpenSesame?

We chose OpenSesame because of the vast library of content, the selection of multiple publishers on a given topic, and the price/value per employee to provide access to a wide variety of training topics.

Don Deveaux, Global Lead Learning, GfK

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Why OpenSesame?

OpenSesame is always striving to get the best content and provide the best experience for their customers.

Samantha Bell, LMS Administrator, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

OpenSesame’s vast content variety

OpenSesame is different because they are a conduit for bringing a variety of different elearning providers together. This brings variety and choice.

Melanie Moses, L&D Manager, EnerSys

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Success with a variety of learning formats

Huge library, multiple vendors providing different “fresh” looks to content. Not everything needs to be cookie cutter.

BJ Kirk, Director of Training, Shari's Management Corporation

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

How is OpenSesame different than other elearning vendors?

Continuous updates to content and course offerings while providing efficient and helpful customer support.

L&D Manager, Large Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

OpenSesame Customer Testimonial

Why choose OpenSesame?

The ease of use and customer service exceeds our other vendors.

Julie Hugo, LMS Administrator, Blount International

OpenSesame Customer Statistic

Increased course offering with OpenSesame

80% of surveyed organizations offered more elearning courses and topics since implementing OpenSesame.