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Sierra Customer Review

Please describe your experience with Innovative products and services.

Minuteman has been a customer of Innovative for 15 years starting with the Millennium system. Resource sharing is the most important thing we do and the Sierra system allows the flexibility and customization that our members require.

Sierra Customer Review

“Like any new project that you take on, there are always moments of frustration and the question of ‘why did I?’ But in the end, I know that we made the right choice. Innovative has been there every step of the way for us. During setup and implementation of each of Innovative’s products, no question went unanswered or was considered frivolous by Customer Services Help Desk. Innovative truly meets the needs of today’s over-burdened public library staff when it comes to giving the answers for statistics. ….And now with the use of more hand held devices and apps, what more can a public librarian ask for!”

Executive Director of a Pennsylvania Library

Sierra Customer Statistic

Sierra Reporting & Statistics Capabilities Surpass The Competition

75% of surveyed customers rate Sierra’s reporting & statistics as better compared to the competition.


Sierra Customer Statistic

Sierra APIs Rank Better Than Competitors

76% of surveyed customers rate Sierra’s APIs & integrations as better compared to the competition.


Sierra Customer Statistic

Sierra Ranks Better in Performance

86% of surveyed customers rate Sierra’s performance as better compared to the competition.


Sierra Customer Statistic

Sierra’s Overall Functionality Ranks Better

84% of surveyed customers rate Sierra’s overall functionality as better compared to the competition.


Sierra Customer Statistic

80% Would Choose An Innovative Product Again

80% of customers would choose an Innovative product again to continue a long-term relationship with us.


Sierra Customer Statistic

Sierra Value for the Money

84% of surveyed customers report that they received good value for the money spent on Sierra.

Sierra Customer Statistic

Sierra is a Leading Library Services Platform

64% of surveyed customers agree that Sierra is a leading Library Services Platform.

Sierra Customer Statistic

78% of surveyed Sierra customers are likely to purchase Innovative products again.

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