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Selected Research Highlights

Innovative Customer Research

What were the top reasons you chose an Innovative product?

Continue long-term relationship with Innovative
Technical quality of current products
Commitment to supporting current products
Great services, training and support
Active investment in developing new products
Breadth of partnerships with publishers and content providers

Sierra Case Study



This case study of MOBIUS Office is based on a December 2018 survey of Sierra customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


The MOBIUS Office, an organization that lets libraries in Missouri and the Midwest collaborate and partner with each other, has been using Sierra for twenty years. They chose Sierra to address the following challenges:

  • Improving the discoverability of their collection
  • Improving the patron experience

Use Case

The MOBIUS Office went with Sierra specifically because of the following features:

  • Breadth and depth of ILS functionality
  • Workflow and overall system efficiency

Overall, they would rate Sierra as significantly better than the competition when it comes to overall functionality, performance, and customization.


After switching to Sierra, the MOBIUS Office team reports that they’ve received great value for their money spent and would be extremely likely to purchase Innovative products again.

They also agreed with the following statements:

  • Innovative is investing more in developing new products than their competitors
  • Innovative is a trusted leader in Library Services

Sierra Customer Research

Universities Choose Sierra for Efficiency and Breadth

What are the top reasons you purchased Sierra?

Workflow and overall system efficiency
Breadth and depth of ILS functionality
Shared record keeping and collaborative collection management

Polaris Case Study

Orion Township Public Library


This case study of Orion Township Public Library is based on a January 2019 survey of Polaris customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


After looking at competitors, including Horizon, the Orion Township Public Library team decided to go with Polaris.

The key challenges they chose Polaris to solve included:

  • Reducing time spent supporting discovery and circulation
  • Improving the patron experience
  • Reducing time spent integrating with, and maintaining, third-party applications

Use Case

Aside from price, the standout features that were a factor in going with Polaris included:

  • Web-based mobility for public services and reference staff
  • Flexible mobile access to better connect with their community
  • Ease of training staff in using it
  • Breadth and depth of ILS functionality
  • Streamlined workflow and overall system efficiency
  • Responsive discovery and design


The library team would rate Polaris as better than the competition when it comes to overall functionality, performance, customization, APIs and integrations, reporting and statistics, web-based mobility for staff, and responsive discovery.

Innovative Interfaces Customer Testimonial

Polaris Serves Up a Quality Patron Experience

I like the ability to customize and make online “shopping” easier for customers.

Executive Director, State & Local Government

Polaris Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Director at a cultural institution would be likely to recommend Polaris for this reason:

We like and use LEAP and Simply Reports. I find the system is quite robust. I also appreciate the support service and webinars for staff training.

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