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105 Customers Surveyed

1,262 Data Points Collected

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Selected Research Highlights

Algolia Customer Statistic

80% of surveyed customers said they saw a return in their investment with Algolia within 6 months.


Algolia Customer Testimonial

Now that we have Algolia, our users simply find what they are looking for. We can suggest items with better profitability that are closer to their habits, and save time in design and development.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Small Business Healthcare Company

Algolia Customer Research

Overwhelmingly large majority of customers switched to Algolia after first developing an in-house site search solution

Prior to Algolia, what site search technology or third-party tools did you use to power search for your digital channel(s)?

100% developed in-house tools
Developed in-house tools ElasticSearch (open source)
Developed in-house using Apache Solr (open source)

Algolia Customer Research

Top 5 benefits of using Algolia

What benefits have you realized since implementing Algolia?

Faster search
Accurate, relevant search results
More control over user experience
Better analytics and insights
Better mobile experience

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About Algolia

Algolia is the search-as-a-service platform that enables companies of all sizes to deliver fast and relevant digital experiences that drive real results. With Algolia, consumers are able to easily find and discover what they want across web, mobile, and voice. Algolia allows developers and business teams to build and optimize delightful Search and Discovery experiences that increase online engagement, conversion rates and revenue.

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