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Algolia Customer Research

Developers Turn to Algolia to Solve these Challenges

What challenges were you experiencing with your previous solution before switching to Algolia?

Implementation and minor changes are too time consuming
Lack of flexibility with previous solution
Lack of scalability
Lack of reliability
Previous solution caused difficulty in hiring the right people or time to train was too long
Needed a higher level of trusted security and privacy
Unable to attract new developer talent due to working with outdated tools

Algolia Customer Research

Surveyed Algolia customers who switched from an open source solution say they were experiencing the following challenges:

Lack of configurability with previous solution
Implementation and minor changes too time consuming

Algolia Case Study



This case study of Luminary is based on an October 2021 survey of Algolia customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Integrating sales data with Algolia to help with search results has been extremely valuable.”

“Algolia is a transformational tool and the team love it!”


The challenges they were trying to overcome when implementing Algolia:

  • A slow and irrelevant search experience
  • Time consuming manual process of merchandising or curating content
  • Lack of insight into customer site search
  • Cumbersome and time consuming iteration on search

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Algolia that the surveyed company uses:

  • Business type/industry:
    • Retail e-commerce
    • B2B e-commerce
    • Big content sites for Fintech, super, and NFPs
  • Vendors or solutions they evaluated or replaced prior to selecting Algolia:
    • SolR
  • Parts of their website/app that are powered by Algolia:
    • Site search
    • Category landing pages
    • Product listing pages
  • How their organization leveraged Algolia:
    • Crawler
    • Rules
    • Custom ranking


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Algolia:

The following benefits they’ve realized since implementing Algolia:

  • Fast and more relevant search
  • Reactive and engaging category or product pages
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased pace of innovation

Key results since implementing Algolia:

  • Because of Algolia, the business team is able to self-serve more often without bringing in the developer team.
  • Algolia is a reliable software solution, provides outstanding customer service, and is a partner in achieving our goals.
  • Algolia integrates seamlessly with the tools that they already work with.
  • Because of Algolia, time-to-market and iterations are quick, easy, and seamless.

Algolia Customer Satisfaction Rating

Robert Ster, a Web Designer / UX/UI Developer at, would be very likely to recommend Algolia for this reason:

Algolia offers high value at my company, I found that it may have a high value for other industries.

From a small blog or other small type companies to big ones, Algolia allows you to put anything into the Algolia DB, create fully customized search functionality, and offer customers or user databases an improved search experience. This doesn’t limit people to products, but also allows them to create databases with hobby items, blog posts, and more.

Just need to let your imagination free.

Algolia Customer Testimonial

Algolia has allowed us to transform the traditional Magento search experience for Year/Make/Model into a highly engaging and easy to use experience, with rapid results.

Dave Christy, Chief Information Officer, Jack Williams Tire Co., Inc.

Algolia Case Study



This case study of Google is based on a June 2022 survey of Algolia customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Much simpler UI and instrumentation when ripping and replacing. Easy to use and very scalable. Very happy with our decision!”


The business challenges that led Google to evaluate and ultimately select Algolia:

  • Lack of configurability with the previous solution
  • Weak outputs

Use Case

Organization’s business type/industry: Technology

The vendors or solutions they evaluated prior to selecting Algolia:

  • Elastic Search
  • Yext


Google achieved the following results with Algolia:

The most valuable aspects/features of Algolia that factored in their decision to choose Algolia over other vendors they evaluated:

  • Fast results
  • Personalization
  • Highly configurable
  • Improved dashboard

After implementing Algolia, the percentage improvement they have seen, or expect to see, in the following areas of their business:

  • Reduced time to implementation: 50 to 75%
  • Reduced technical overhead: 50 to 75%
  • Improved scalability: greater than 75%
  • Improved security and privacy: 50 to 75%
  • Improved customer experience: greater than 75%
  • Increase in revenue from search/discovery: 50 to 75%

Google rates Algolia on the following capabilities compared to other vendors:

  • Available features: Significantly better
  • Compatibility with existing tech stack: Significantly better
  • Security: Significantly better
  • Performance and scalability: Superior
  • Ease of use for increased adoption across teams: Better
  • Dedicated & responsive customer support: Better

The benefits they’ve experienced, as a result of using Algolia:

  • Quickly and easily scale with the business
  • Decreased time on the maintenance of search
  • Improved code quality
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved customer experience

Google agrees that:

  • Their dev team has more time to innovate and spends less time managing back end operations supporting business requests.
  • Algolia has helped them have more flexibility in their operations by having visibility and understanding of their ranking strategy.
  • Algolia is easy to implement, allowing them to quickly get a solution into production.
  • Algolia is a reliable software solution that they can trust.

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