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Victaulic Company had difficulty connecting mutiple & disparate data sources to see the whole story in their data, had poor quality, inaccurate, or otherwise unreliable data, had challenges accessing data due to departmental silos or insufficiently broad security privileges, had difficulty using the existing BI solutions to support their data analysis needs, and lacked a way to easily analyze data prior to implementing Qlik.

Ondrea Neifert, IT Manager at Victaulic Company, is very likely to recommend Qlik:

Using Qlik enables us to deliver value to the business in a relatively short time.

We achieved 100% ROI within two months after implementing Qlik. We consistency find outliers and adjust our supply chain using Qlik. We have reduced our processing cost per unit and decreased our transportation spend with just two simple apps. Qlik is a game changer for us.

IT Director, S&P 500 Retail Company

Qlik has collapsed hundreds of tabs and links in SAP BO into a single report in many cases. Users simply love it – they don’t need to go to multiple reports to access the information they need.

IT Director, Large Enterprise Electronics Company

James Richards, IT Senior Vice President at Capio Partners LLC, is very likely to recommend Qlik:

The speed of importing data and being able to work with multiple data sources.

The benefit that Qlik has provided my team is associated with KPIs. Our ability to quickly assess data health quality issues has allowed us to update / enrich data in our ERPs.

Barry Dunbar, Marketing Professional, Eaton Corporation

Before QlikView, we had no official BI tools, so we were limited to what we could do by dumping data into Excel for analysis, charts, graphs, etc. Qlik drastically increased our ability to get at near-real-time data, analyze it, make better decisions, add and improve dashboards as needed, and avoid re-work.

Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Security Products & Services Company

Multiple departments were able to reduce the time it takes to retrieve data by scheduling QlikView processes and delivering them with QlikView NPrinting.

James Richards, IT Senior Vice President, Capio Partners LLC

Qlik has enabled non-IT groups to develop apps to support the business.

IT Professional, Global 500 Electronics Company

William McClafferty, an IT Manager at Virtua Health, is very likely to recommend Qlik:

Qlik’s software and customer service have been excellent over the past two years.

Qlik has caught on here like wildfire. It gives us access to data we never had access to before.

William McClafferty, IT Manager, Virtua Health

Dallas Independent School District improved their decision-making agility by more than 75% with Qlik.

An Analytics & Control Officer at an educational institution is very likely to recommend Qlik for the following reason:

Qlik does everything we need. It is intuitive to use. We love it!

We created a fund balance of over $300M in three years. ERG published results for 2014-15, and stated that Dallas Independent School District is the story of the decade. Others call it the ‘Dallas miracle.’

Analytics & Control Officer, Educational Institution

Qlik helps our company achieve its highest potential by increasing productivity in no time.

Darwin Natividad, IT Systems Analyst, Veyance Technologies, Inc.

Qlik makes our day easier and helps us reach more clients in less time. It allows us to analyze exposure to risk in hours instead of days, and helps us help our clients to save money.

Senior IT Architect, Global 500 Banking Company

We are able to generate P&L statements for our office in less than a day, a process that used to take three people about five to six working days.

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Construction Company

ThedaCare chose Qlik because it lets them associate data from multiple sources so they can see the whole story within their data, it’s easy to use and lets them quickly drill down to the underlying data, they can create intuitive and smart visualizations to represent their data, and TCO was less.

Brian Veara, an IT Director at ThedaCare, is very likely to recommend Qlik for the following reason:

Qlik is a solid product that works, and has less total cost of ownership than competitors.

We saved over $900,000 in BI licensing over six years, and reduced staff overtime cost by more than $850,000 in one year.

Brian Veara, IT Director, ThedaCare

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