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Selected Research Highlights

End users are now starting to trust the information we provide and are starting to engage much more with the Qlik and Information Teams. People want to see their data in Qlik so they can explore it more deeply.

Robin Harris, QlikView Lead, Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Qlik Data Integration Customer Research

Please indicate your satisfaction with the following features of Qlik Data Integration (Attunity) technology.

Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied

Universal connectivity
Low-impact, agentless CDC
No-code user interface
Automated data pipeline
Auto-DDL schema evolution

Qlik Education Customer Fact

Noordhuys Tomatoes rates their experience with Qlik Education as world class compared to other experiences they have had with software training.

Case Study: Mission Health System


This case study of Mission Health System is based on a October 2015 survey of Qlik customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We have reduced mortality rate for septic patients in our hospital by three PP.”


Before implementing Qlik, Mission Health System had too much data and no way of making sense of it. They struggled to connect multiple and disparate data sources, leaving them unable to see the whole story in their data.

The main reasons they picked Qlik were the ability to associate data from multiple sources, and its performance and scalability to large data sets.

Before choosing Qlik, Mission Health System also considered BI solutions from Birst, Domo, Tableau, and TIBCO Spotfire.

Use Case

Qlik is deployed across the enterprise.


One Mission Health System employee says he can’t do his job without Qlik. He uses his apps every day to make better decision, making him more valuable to the organization.

Mission Health System have seen several benefits from their use of Qlik, including faster and more confident decision-making, cost reduction, reduced risk, and more cross-departmental use of data. They have also seen that employees who use Qlik are finding new ways to approach business issues.

All in all, Mission Health System estimates that they have improved their decision-making agility by 50% – 74% with Qlik.

Qlik Customer Research

Which deployment option did you choose?

SaaS: 35%
Client-Managed: 65%
Client-Managed with SaaS add-on: 0%

Qlik for Embedded Analytics Case Study

Plain Green LLC


This case study of Plain Green LLC is based on a June 2018 survey of Qlik for Embedded Analytics customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The Qlik platform supports a broad spectrum of embedded analytics requirements and provides an agile foundation on which organizations can build, extend, embed analytics and further customize through our rich set of APIs. Qlik aligns well with agile development and rapid deployment resulting in faster time to market.”


Before embedding Qlik analytics, Plain Green LLC suffered from a lack of broad acceptance and usage of analytics across the organization.

Use Case

PLain Green LLC is currently using Qlik for CRM and ERP analysis. In the future, they’re planning to use it for eCommerce analysis, too.

They have embedded Qlik analytics within internal business applications through iFrames, with a focus on delivering self-service analytics to the business. This is a C-level driven project.


Plain Green LLC reports that by embedding Qlik analytics, they’ve been able to move from daily/weekly/monthly reports to daily or intra-daily dashboard insights.

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