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Selected Research Highlights

Qlik Customer Fact

SRF Limited agrees, “Adopting Qlik Sense supports our organization’s drive to modernize business operations and processes for a more modern BI approach.” and “We’ve been able to adopt Qlik Sense at our own pace with no disruptions, no downtime.”

The top 3 reasons why customers in EMEA chose Qlik

The top 3 reasons why customers in EMEA chose Qlik

Qlik is easy to use and lets me quickly drill down to the underlying data
Qlik lets me associate large volumes of data from multiple sources
I can create intuitive and smart data visualizations with Qlik

Qlik Data Integration Case Study

Jaguar Landrover


This case study of Jaguar Landrover is based on a November 2019 survey of Qlik Data Integration customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Qlik’s Data Integration Platform enables a DataOps approach that vastly accelerates the discovery and availability of real-time, analytics-ready data by automating data streaming, refinement, cataloging and publishing.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Qlik Data Integration:

  • The challenges Qlik Data Integration (Attunity) has helped their organization overcome:
    • The manual, error-prone and time-consuming process of having to provide data from across
    • The demand from business users for up-to-the-minute data from across the enterprise for analytics projects and strategic decision making
    • The need to provide their business users with data from mainframe and/or SAP and/or legacy sources

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Qlik Data Integration that the surveyed company uses:

  • Primarily uses Qlik Data Integration (Attunity) to accelerate real-time data integration pipelines across the enterprise.
  • Main reasons their organization invested in Qlik Data Integration (Attunity):
    • Their reputation as the leading Change Data Capture (CDC) vendor
    • The ease of use and no requirement for hand-coding
    • Support of all the data sources and targets required


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Qlik Data Integration:

  • How Qlik Data Integration (Attunity) has impacted their job role on a personal level:
    • Has become more valuable to their organization
  • Positive impacts they have seen from using Qlik Data Integration (Attunity):
    • Faster rollout of data integration projects
    • Facilitated transformation to streaming data architecture

Case Study: Kansas State University Foundation


This case study of Kansas State University Foundation is based on a October 2015 survey of Qlik customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Qlik has drastically improved the trust we have in data related to campaign reporting. Our campaigns used to rely on hand-coded SQL reports, generating inconsistent numbers and varying degrees of trust. Qlik has improved campaign reporting transparency by enabling simple drill-down to the details. This has improved overall trust and made our discussions more about engaging donors and improving campaign results rather than improving our data quality.”


Kansas State University Foundation used to have difficulty connecting multiple and disparate data sources, leaving them unable to see the whole story in their data. Their existing BI solution simply couldn’t support their data analysis needs.

The main reasons why they picked Qlik were the ease of use that lets them quickly drill down to the underlying data, the ability to create intuitive and smart visualizations to represent their data, and the ability to associate data from multiple sources so they can see the whole story within their data.

Before choosing Qlik, Kansas State University Foundation also considered BI solutions from Microsoft and Tableau.

Use Case

Qlik is deployed across the organization.


Kansas State University Foundation’s employees say the use of Qlik has made them more valuable to the foundation.

They have seen several benefits including faster and more confident decision-making, more cross-departmental use of data, and overall cost reduction.

Kansas State University Foundation also estimates that they have been able to improve their decision-making agility by 25% – 49% with Qlik.

Qlik Customer Research

What are you primarily using QlikView for?

Ad-hoc reporting
Visualizations and data discovery
Enhanced reporting
Data integration and transformation

Qlik Customer Testimonial

Empowered user to visualize their area’s performance at any time and more easily and quickly make and hence implement value-add decisions… on a micro and macro level

Eugene Delport, Business Intelligence Analyst, Woolworths

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