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1,576 Customers Surveyed

10,933 Data Points Collected

41 Published TechFacts

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85 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Starcom


This case study of Starcom is based on a October 2015 survey of 4C Social Ads customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I like 4C’s speed in first to market opportunities.”


  • Top reasons for choosing 4C Social Ads:
    • Centralization
    • Service
  • Main benefits expected from 4C:
    • Time savings
    • Generate higher return-on-investment
    • Innovative social advertising features
    • Advanced targeting
  • Key campaign objective:
    • Awareness/branding

Use Case

  • Social media publishers managed through 4C:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  • 4C features deployed:
    • 4C Affinities
    • Bulk creation
    • Smart Groups
    • Report Center
    • 4C Audiences
    • Quick editing
    • Keyword-level results


  • Increased brand awareness increased over 50% with 4C

4C Customer Research

More efficient media planning and less waste

Percent efficiency gained in cross-channel video advertising by brands using 4C.

1-25%: 44%
25-50%: 30%
50-100%: 20%
100-150%: 3%
150-200%: 1%
200%+: 1%

4C Social Case Study



This case study of Socialyse France is based on a May 2017 survey of 4C Social customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“[4C has] the ability to house multiple platforms from one API.”


Top reasons for choosing 4C:

  • Advancing audience targeting with unique datasets
  • Accessing innovative social advertising capabilities
  • Connecting TV and social activity to converge marketing channels into seamless consumer experiences

Key media and advertising objective:

  • Website conversions

Use Case

4C features and functionalities used:

  • Publishers managed with 4C:
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
  • Features currently deployed:
    • Social Sync: TV / Sport / Weather triggers
    • 4C Affinities
    • Report Center


Improvement in advertising results from 4C:

  • Lead volume increased up to 9%

Saved 5-8 hours per week by using 4C.

The bulk editing and copy / paste features have saved me a ton of time when rotating creative on a monthly basis. It allows for multiple ad / post creation, which typically is very manual if done directly within Power Editor or the Twitter Ads UI. I also very much enjoy the targeting sets and how easy it is to apply to current or new ad sets.

Steve Moon, Social Media Strategist, Resolution Media

4C Customer Testimonial

I like that 4C has a user friendly interface and that it allows us to implement comprehensive marketing strategies that other platforms do not offer.

Ashlee Czapla, Account Manager, Coegi

4C Customer Research

Increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) since partnered with 4C

More than 100%: 6%
76-100%: 6%
51-75%: 20%
26-50%: 23%
1-25%: 46%

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