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4C Customer Testimonial

The 4C service is invaluable in giving Reuters the other side of the picture that we don’t get with face to face meetings with clients. Clients don’t always give the full picture, the Teletrax service allows to understand exactly what is going on, and in some cases to the surprise of clients.

Andrew Crisp, Business Manager, TV, Thomson Reuters

4C Customer Satisfaction Rating

Colette Trudeau, a VP of Biddable Media at Mediavest|Spark, said they would be very likely to recommend 4C for this reason:

4C is a great partner of ours. Our feedback is taken into account, and we see product innovations based on our feedback.

4C Customer Satisfaction Rating

Dan Borchardt, an Account Coordinator at Starcom Global, said they would be very likely to recommend 4C for this reason:

The UI is very user-friendly and intuitive. Customer support has been excellent. Very nice to have all social platforms manageable in one UI.

4C Customer Satisfaction Rating

Nendra Mohamed, an Executive Director, Head of Digital, Growth & Strategy at Starcom MediaVest Group, said they would be very likely to recommend 4C for this reason:

4C provides productivity enhancements to streamline all manual work currently done across the various platform. Plus, its affinity targeting is a powerful insight tool for better and precise campaign targeting.

4C Customer Satisfaction Rating

Meghan Gampper, an Account Manager at Coegi, said they would be very likely to recommend 4C for this reason:

The custom audiences are a great tool to use when testing audiences for campaigns. The fact that I can reach out to our 4C rep and request a custom audience be built out to test a certain client’s audience and get exactly what we are looking for is great. The increasing performance of our campaign is significant and the new insight is always pleasing to the client.

4C Customer Satisfaction Rating

Mike Consiglio, a Social Supervisor at Resolution Media, said they would be very likely to recommend 4C for this reason:

4C is the most intuitive and accurate platform I’ve used.

4C Customer Testimonial

The reporting is great, being able to converge many different ad accounts into one report is a life saver. Also, the customer service and knowledge that our 4C rep has is the best.

Stephan Nunez, Campaign Manager, ZenithOptimedia

4C Customer Testimonial

Customer service is the top reason why I would recommend 4C to a client. They are very responsive, open to feedback, reacts quickly to bugs and errors, and make time for every client to learn about the objectives and determine the best solution.

Alicia Carroll, Associate Media Director, Resolution Media

4C Customer Testimonial

4C’s GUI is easy to use and allows us to have much more flexibility than other solutions. The integration with all platforms is great and is much easier than having to use different platforms for each social channel.

Jordan Neuhauser, CEO , myBOOMtour

4C Customer Testimonial

I like that 4C has a user friendly interface and that it allows us to implement comprehensive marketing strategies that other platforms do not offer.

Ashlee Czapla, Account Manager, Coegi

4C Customer Testimonial

Thanks to the Emoji targeting feature of 4C, Vodafone Turkey became the first brand who experienced it in Turkey. The interface was very easy and I didn’t face any difficulties in terms of operation. The customer support satisfied me in every aspect as they got me back to work in less than an hour.

Betina Haviyo, Social Media Manager, Group M

4C Customer Testimonial

4C is a great company with a great product that offers helpful tools which help us grow our business.

Megan Garlisch, Managing Director, Real Food Blends

4C Customer Testimonial

4C’s platform is intuitive and allows me to replicate/clone campaign builds in a matter of seconds, eliminating much of the wasted time spent making tedious campaign rebuilds with identical parameters.

Anthony Panagos, Media Specialist, Spark SMG

4C Customer Testimonial

The 4C team are extremely responsive to issues that arise and help us fix them as quickly as possible. The tool itself is simple to use but its effectiveness in improving our social advertising investment is second to none.

Giles Henderson, Head of Distribution, Dentsu Mobius Media

4C Customer Testimonial

4C provides an easy-to-use holistic platform which makes managing any portfolio of accounts much simpler. Paired with exceptional product management, 4C is the most powerful platform on the market.

Mike Consiglio, Social Supervisor, Resolution Media

Why 4C?

Amazing customer service, innovative tool that rarely has bugs. If the bugs happen, they are proactive and not reactive and always able to provide assistance.

With 4C, I like being able to see the actual creative images in the UI without having to click on a specific link. The UI is also very easy to sort and filter through data.

Allie Barner, Media Specialist, Zulily

The 4C service is great, and having all social platforms on one site is awesome for workflow.

Jeffrey Gottlieb, Senior Media Specialist, Merkle

4C has improved The Grommet’s ability to scale Pinterest Ads helping Pinterest users discover the small Maker and new to market products The Grommet supports.
Since starting with 4C, we have increased sessions 180% and orders over 270%. 4C has been essential to supporting that growth allowing us to efficiently optimize and build out our campaigns.

Maggie Schulz, Digital Marketing Manager, The Grommet

I like how the reps are very responsive when an issue arises. Also, if there is a feature that is unique to your business need, they will do everything they can to make sure that tool is available.

Daniel Kuzio, Social Media Specialist, Merkle

Everyone that works at 4C is reliable, communicates well, and detail-oriented. True partnership!

Jenny Callaghan, Associate Media Director, MediaVest Worldwide

I like 4C’s good service and easy access to all platforms.

Kelly Zapalik, Media Manager, Starcom Global

Why 4C?

4C Social Ads is relatively easy to use and manage. Access to multiple social platforms through one site.

Why 4C?

It’s the talent at 4C that makes me think so highly of them. Every person I have worked with on their team (about 5 total), have been absolute pleasures to work with, and are super smart/professional workers.

It’s the people at 4C that make the company so valuable in my eyes. They are simply great at what they do, and make the activation of social media campaigns a breeze.

Christian Francipane, Media Specialist, MediaVest Worldwide

I like 4C’s willingness to try new methods to increase ROI, and the availability of staff to always answer questions and concerns. It’s been an incredible partnership.

Terri DeAnzo, Social Media Specialist, eBay

4C is simple, innovative and supplies our team with excellent customer service.

Meghan McManus, Senior Programmatic Analyst, Starcom USA

I like the deeper level of targeting capabilities along with the new to market innovative technology such as TV MAP.

Mandy Bowman, Paid Social Supervisor, Resolution Media

I like the innovative targeting like TV Sync and the weather targeting options.

Sasha De Vecchi, Social Media Coordinator, Resolution Media

The people at 4C are very helpful and available.

Ilana Rosin, Social Media Specialist, Resolution Media

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