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Oomnitza Case Study

Oomnitza Gives Procore Technologies Knowledge and Control Over All Technology Assets


This case study of procore is based on a September 2022 survey of Oomnitza customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Oomnitza helped us have a lot more knowledge and control over our technology assets. Keeping our inventory updated with Oomnitza is a breeze after the initial setup.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Oomnitza:

  • Before using Oomnitza’s ETM Platform they had:
    • Lack of complete visibility/inventory into technology assets (endpoints, SaaS/on-premises applications, infrastructure, cloud)
    • Time-consuming, manual processes for managing technology assets across their entire lifecycle
    • Inefficient, manual and error-prone tasks to complete regulatory, industry and vendor audits
    • Inability to accurately budget and forecast technology expenditure for endpoints, SaaS/on-premises applications and cloud resources
    • Inability to effectively manage employee onboarding and offboarding in an automated, secure and compliant manner
  • Before they were using Oomnitza, they were using:
    • No tool at all
    • Spreadsheets
  • Before Oomnitza, they had trouble offboarding employees because of:
    • Timely and complete reclamation of all endpoints and accessories
    • Reassignment and reuse of software licenses and cloud resources
    • Document execution, attestation and audit proof for reclamation, legal hold, data retention, asset disposal, etc.
    • Security, data privacy, audit and compliance risks due to process blindspots and error-prone manual tasks


  • The number of SaaS and on-premises applications in use in their organization is between 26-50.
  • They have between 5,001 and 10,000 technology assets including endpoints (laptops, mobile devices, IoT), infrastructure (servers, storage, cloud instances), network devices, SaaS/on-premises software licenses, and accessories managed with Oomnitza.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Oomnitza:

To deploy and start benefiting from Oomnitza it took 9 to 12 months
The business process improvement they have seen since using Oomnitza are:
Unified and centralized technology inventory
Audit accuracy, time and cost savings
Improved asset context and response time for service desk
Employee offboarding automation, accuracy and completeness
Ability to identify and mitigate security and compliance gaps
The number of audits that have been improved since using Oomnitza 3 to 5
They have achieved a cost savings of between 16 to 20% from managing their technology assets with Oomnitza.
The time saved managing their technology assets with Oomnitza is up to 40 hours per month (1/4 FTE)

About This Data

This data was sourced directly from verified users of Oomnitza by TechValidate.

TechValidate verifies the identity and organizational affiliation of all participants that contribute to published research data. When research participants so desire, we also guarantee their anonymity so that they may share information honestly and freely.

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