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MURAL Customer Research

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Mural Customer Testimonial

Mural has provided a shared space for knowledge, brainstorming, and creativity for both in-office and remote work.

Director, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

Mural Customer Testimonial

Moving our workshops and team meetings to Mural has been a great way to increase participation and hear everyone’s voice.

Consultant, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

MURAL Customer Research

How quickly did you see a return on investment with MURAL?

Immediately: 67%
1-3 months: 0%
3-6 months: 0%
6-9 months: 17%
9-12 months: 0%
12-18 months: 0%
18-24 months: 0%
> 24 months: 17%

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About Mural

Mural is space for your team to collaborate visually and problem-solve faster with an easy-to-use digital canvas. No ordinary online whiteboard, MURAL has powerful facilitation features, guided methods, and the deep expertise organizations need to transform teamwork.

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