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62,265 Data Points Collected

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179 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Mediaocean Customer Research

Increase in efficiency using Mediaocean

Less than 10%: 29%
10-24%: 46%
25-49%: 17%
50-74%: 3%
75%+: 5%

Mediaocean Customer Testimonial

I enjoy the user-friendly interface and ease of managing large-scale campaigns.

Simon Rogers, Marketing Professional, MediaCom

Mediaocean Case Study

OpenMind GroupM


This case study of OpenMind GroupM is based on a September 2021 survey of Mediaocean customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


Key Features:

  • Audiences (Consistent and persistent definitions and deployment of audience segments)
  • Creativity (Personalization of creative assets at scale and streamlined collaboration)
  • Planning (Holistic planning tools for cross-media budget allocation, forecasting, and authorization)
  • Buying (Unified and automated buying execution for audience-based and direct-publisher campaigns)
  • Measurement (Transparent and centralized measurement across campaigns)
  • Analysis (Integrated conversion data and analysis of media performance on business outcomes)
  • Insights (Brand insights and media intelligence surfaced from multiple channels)
  • Optimization (In-flight optimizations and budget reallocations powered by AI/ML)
  • Reporting (Reporting throughout entire workflow to understand movement of money)


Products Used:

  • Global Plans (Lumina) for cross-media planning and reporting
  • Buyer Workflow (Prisma) for digital/omnichannel media management
  • Estimates and Costs (Aura) for time and cost management


  • Mediaocean increased efficiency by 5%
  • Marketing KPI’s improved by 5%

Mediaocean Customer Testimonial

Useful functions for media planning and buying

Marketing Director, Automative

Mediaocean Case Study

Buntin Group


This case study of Buntin Group is based on an April 2023 survey of Mediaocean customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I use Mediaocean Prisma for my media planning to easily access all my campaigns.”


  • Consumer ad avoidance / ad blindness


  • Performance-driven paid media
  • Brand advertising
  • Experimental / Innovation budgets
  • Measurement & attribution capabilities
  • Identity
  • First-party data mastery
  • Privacy
  • Creative testing & analysis


  • 5-8 hours or more time savings each week using Mediaocean/Flashtalking
  • 26-49% improvement in brand awareness
  • 26-49% improvement in sales revenue
  • 100-199% improvement in campaign performance
  • 50-99% improvement in campaign efficiency

Mediaocean Customer Research

Projected Advertising Investment by Media Channel for 2021

Increase 25%+ Increase 0-25% Maintain Decrease 0-25% Decrease 25%+

National TV
Local TV
Connected TV
Digital Display/Video

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