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Selected Research Highlights

Enhance All Areas of Your Firm by Using Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance provides a great platform for my firm’s attorneys to conduct legal research. We are constantly looking for opportunities to leverage the product for our firm’s needs.

Librarian, Large Law Firm

LexisNexis® CourtLink® Case Study: Small Law Firm

“CourtLink has helped me find cases and information on my case in an expedient manner.”


  • Challenges solved with CourtLink:
    • Need to access dockets and documents from state courts
    • Need to conduct research on your case
    • Need to research opposing counsel or judge

Use Case

  • Searches for the following information with CourtLink:
    • All litigation involving a party
    • Specific dockets
    • Specific complaints
    • Opposing counsel profiles
    • Judge profiles
    • Documents (briefs, pleadings and motions)
  • Rates the following CourtLink features in terms of their level of importance:
    • Single search: very important
    • Alerts: very important
    • Tracks: very important
    • Docket runner: very important
    • Docket search: very important
  • Top reasons for using the CourtLink Alerts feature:
    • Uncover competitive intelligence
    • Stay current on the latest litigation activity in their practice area


  • Finds the CourtLink features important for the following reasons:
    • Easy to use
    • Efficient
    • Providing comprehensive results
    • Providing the fastest alerts with the complaint attached
    • Able to scan alerts for relevant keywords
    • Able to share updates with colleagues or others working on the case
  • Considers CourtLink critical to their firm.

LexisNexis for labor or employment

Why did your organization subscribe to LexisNexis for labor or employment law-related content or tools?

Access content and tools to efficiently research and prepare cases
Access content and tools to efficiently research and stay compliant
Access trusted and authoritative labor and employment treatises and analyses
Access labor and employment-related agency and administrative materials
Ability to better serve your clients/organization
Ability to better leverage staff and resources

Easy Access to Federal and State Precedent with Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance has allowed us to get federal and state precedent without jumping through hoops.

Scott Serazin, Director, City of Elyria

LexisNexis CourtLink Provides Multiple Benefits

What are the benefits of using CourtLink?

Ease of use
Provides comprehensive results
Ability to search across federal and state courts in a single click
Offers access to the courts you need
Instant access to briefs, pleading and motions
Ability to share updates with colleagues or others working on the case
Provides the fastest Alerts with the complaint attached
Provides the fastest Tracks
Ability to scan alerts for relevant keywords
Has a mobile app functionality for Alerts and Tracks

Lexis Advance Case Study: 11 to 20 Attorney Firm

“Lexis Advance’s mobile search capabilities are superior.”


  • Solved the following challenges with Lexis Advance:
    • Need for comprehensive & relevant results
    • Need for greater search efficiency
    • Need to control research costs
    • Need for mobility — to access research on a tablet or smartphone

Use Case

  • Has 11 to 20 attorneys.
  • Chose Lexis Advance over the following competitors:
    • WestlawClassic®
  • Practices the following types of law most frequently:
    • Litigation


  • Rated Lexis Advance in terms of how critical it is:
    • Their personal practice: highly critical
    • Their organization: highly critical
  • Ranked the following Lexis Advance capabilities as compared to the competition:
    • Ease of use: better
    • Efficiency of search: better
    • Relevance of results: better
    • Breadth & strength of content: better
    • Innovative features: better
  • Increased productivity by at least 25% using Lexis Advance

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