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Selected Research Highlights

Lexis Advance Customer Satisfaction Rating

Get Great Customer Support with Lexis Advance

An Administrator of a membership organization said they would be very likely to recommend Lexis Advance for this reason:

Lexis Advance is easy to use, and offers great customer service!

Lexis Advance Customer Testimonial

Search Public Records More Efficiently with Lexis Advance

I use Lexis Advance to make a positive identification of subjects, addresses, and social security numbers being investigated, and to search for criminal records. With Lexis Advance, we are able to quickly identify subjects without spending time conducting our own research on the Internet.

Investigator, Federal Government Agency

LexisNexis for Labor & Employment

What critical labor or employment law-related tasks do you perform with LexisNexis?

Conduct research to understand legal issues
Set up alerts to stay on top of news, emerging issues and trends
Use treatises, checklists and guides for task-based expert guidance
Locate precedent language for drafting
Prepare for negotiation, arbitration and mediation
Advise clients and/or employers regarding laws and regulations impacting employment practices
Determine cause of action
Prepare for trial
Research parties involved in a case

LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio Case Study: Sinclair Broadcast Group

“Without Prospect Portfolio, we had real trouble knowing where to start to achieve our new business prospecting goals. Now, we have more confidence, and more knowledge, and sales reps have much more energy about these warmed-up ‘cold calls’.”

“LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio helps me/my team meet or exceed my/our sales goals.”

“LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio has helped me/my team find opportunities with new customers.”

“LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio has helped me/my team better understand my/our customers and prospects.”

“LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio enables me/my team to be more efficient and effective in my/their sales prospecting efforts.”


  • Solved the following challenges with LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio:
    • Improved lead quality or quantity
    • Uncovered new selling opportunities
    • Increased deal size

Use Case

  • Uses LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio primarily for the following:
    • Identifying opportunities related to existing accounts using company hierarchy data
    • Generating a list of companies or contacts
    • Preparing for sales calls using company and executive profiles
    • Researching revenue levels to prioritize new business contacts
  • Finds the following LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio content sets to be superior to other sales intelligence providers:
    • Company profiles
    • Contact information
    • Reports—SWOT Analysis, Industry Reports
    • Financials & SEC filings
    • Company hierarchy


  • Describes LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio as somewhat critical to the success of their sales professionals.
  • Rated their likelihood of recommending LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio as 8 out of 10.

LexisNexis for Labor & Employment

What value does LexisNexis provide for your labor or employment matters or practice?

Helps strengthen labor or employment work with guidance from leading authoritative treatises and expert analyses
Helps us be thorough in our labor or employment research with access to the primary sources we need
Helps us be more confident in the accuracy of our labor or employment work
Helps gain insight to form successful labor or employment litigation or compliance strategies
Helps us stay informed of developing news and trends in labor and employment so that we are aware of changes and events that impact our clients or organization
Helps save time and research labor or employment matters more efficiently

Lexis Advance Case Study: Large Law Firm

“It is my understanding that Lexis Advance saves our clients money.”


  • Solved the following challenges with Lexis Advance:
    • Need for comprehensive & relevant results
    • Need for greater search efficiency
    • Need to control research costs

Use Case

  • Has 200 or more attorneys.
  • Chose Lexis Advance over the following competitors:
    • WestlawNext®
  • Practices the following areas of law most frequently:
    • Commercial/Contract
    • Intellectual Property
    • Litigation


  • Rated Lexis Advance in terms of how critical it is:
    • Their personal practice: highly critical
    • Their organization: highly critical
  • Ranked the following Lexis Advance capabilities as compared to the competition:
    • Ease of use: better
    • Efficiency of search: better
    • Relevance of results: better
    • Breadth & strength of content: better
  • Increased productivity by at least 25% using Lexis Advance

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