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Selected Research Highlights

Shepard’s® Customer Survey

What types of challenges does Shepard’s help you solve?

Know that authorities are still good law
Improve productivity by streamlining & expediting research
Find additional authority to bolster arguments
Ensure you aren’t missing pertinent legal info that could hurt your case
Improve service to clients and/or internal stakeholders
Avoid costly mistakes
Reduce research costs

Make Your Legal Research More Efficient by Using Lexis Advance

The searching is more intuitive and less cumbersome than Westlaw, which saves me time and makes my legal research more efficient.

Associate, 20 Attorney Law Firm

Knowledge Mosaic: Corporate Legal Department Usage

For what tasks do you use Knowledge Mosaic?

Research SEC filings
Stay informed of daily securities news
Reference model documents
Access to advanced alerts
Search laws, rules, and agency materials
Stay abreast of Dodd-Frank rulemaking and changes
Analyze trends and identify precedent in the enforcement arena
Use investigation disclosures
Investigate executive compensation
Support and perform corporate governance tasks
Review Law Firm Memos

LexisNexis® Case Study: Medium-Sized Law Firm

“LexisNexis® allows my firm to perform legal research, searches on public records, expert witness searches, jury verdicts, etc. in an expeditious and user-friendly manner.”

“With LexisNexis®, we are winning summary judgment motions and appeals. "


  • Challenges their practice faces today:
    • Need to manage internal talent acquisition and retention
  • Challenges solved with LexisNexis®:
    • Need to obtain trusted and timely legal research content
    • Need to have research tools that are simple to understand and easy to use
    • Need to have tools that mine critical data and deliver powerful analytics
    • Need to deliver successful case outcomes for my firm

Use Case

  • Subscribed to LexisNexis® for the following reasons:
    • Access the most relevant legal content specific to my case facts
    • Gain access to trusted and authoritative legal information
    • Gain access to court dockets and documents
    • Locate and accurately assess expert witnesses, judges, and attorneys
  • Tasks a litigator needs to perform using LexisNexis®:
    • Locate and accurately assess expert witnesses, judges, and attorneys
    • Conduct comprehensive legal research
    • Investigate facts


  • Rates the following LexisNexis® capabilities:
    • Efficiency tools: extremely valuable
    • Comprehensive, trusted and timely content: extremely valuable
    • Analysis of search results to guide research: extremely valuable
    • Innovative features, like interactive Q&A features, that help focus research: very valuable
    • Analysis of search results to guide case strategy: extremely valuable
    • Tools to support data-driven decision-making: very valuable
    • Representation of data in visuals or graphs to aid analysis: valuable
  • Believes LexisNexis® provides a high ROI

Lexis Advance Case Study: Large Law Firm

“I rarely do research, but when I do Lexis Advance allows me to find relevant results quickly with more intuitive searching and the ability to combine searches across source groups.”


  • Solved the following challenges with Lexis Advance:
    • Need for comprehensive & relevant results
    • Need for greater search efficiency
    • Need for increased breadth and strength of content

Use Case

  • Has 200 or more attorneys.
  • Chose Lexis Advance over the following competitors:
    • WestlawClassic®
  • Practices the following areas of law most frequently:
    • Banking/Finance


  • Rated Lexis Advance in terms of how critical it is:
    • Their organization: highly critical
  • Ranked the following Lexis Advance capabilities as compared to the competition:
    • Ease of use: better
    • Efficiency of search: better
    • Relevance of results: better
    • Breadth & strength of content: better
    • Innovative features: better
  • Increased productivity by at least 10% using Lexis Advance

Easily Narrow Down a Search on the Firm-Wide Network With Lexis Search Advantage

Christine Alexander, a Paralegal at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, is very likely to recommend Lexis Search Advantage for the following reason:

The speed of Lexis Search Advantage is much quicker than the current database our office uses. It is also much easier to narrow down a search, while still being able to search the entire firm-wide network.

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