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Selected Research Highlights

LexisNexis for Labor & Employment

What types of labor or employment law-related challenges does LexisNexis help you solve?

The need to stay on top of emerging issues and trends
The need to know the current state of the law (case law, statutes, regulations, etc.)
The need for practical guidance from authorities in the field
The need to pinpoint precedent language for drafting and negotiating
The need to maintain employment compliance
The need to access comprehensive content to help research and prepare cases
The need to inform litigation strategies

Lexis Practice Advisor® Customer Testimonial

The pre-generated forms in Lexis Practice Advisor make finding a document easy and efficient to edit.

Kevin Camden, Solo Practitioner, Camden Law Office LLC

Lexis Advance Case Study: Large Law Firm

“I like the new features on Lexis Advance. I especially like searching documents for free, with no charges until I click into a document.”


  • Solved the following challenges with Lexis Advance:
    • Need for comprehensive & relevant results
    • Need to control research costs

Use Case

  • Has 200 or more attorneys.
  • Chose Lexis Advance over the following competitors:
    • WestlawNext®
  • Practices the following areas of law most frequently:
    • Intellectual Property
    • Litigation


  • Rated Lexis Advance in terms of how critical it is:
    • Their organization: critical
  • Ranked the following Lexis Advance capabilities as compared to the competition:
    • Innovative features: better

LexisNexis Public Records Case Study: State Court

“If we didn’t have access to LexisNexis Public Records, it would be a big inconvenience and office paperwork would remain incomplete.”


  • Subscribed to LexisNexis Public Records for the following reasons:
    • Uncovers information that couldn’t be found otherwise
    • Offers the most accurate information available
    • Provides ability to look across all 50 states with one search
    • Eliminates the need for multiple providers of public records information
    • Provides necessary info in one comprehensive report
    • Enables them to spend less time data gathering and more time analyzing/decision making

Use Case

  • Uses LexisNexis Public Records for the following tasks:
    • Locate missing or hard-to-find people
    • Find beneficiaries


  • LexisNexis Public Records is the source they trust most to investigate people and businesses
  • Rated LexisNexis Public Records as highly differentiated compared to the competition on these attributes:
    • Connections between people, businesses, locations and assets
    • Accuracy of search results
    • Timeliness of information

Meet Crucial Deadlines by Using Lexis Advance

In my day to day work, client contact is vital to time sensitive documents to be submitted, as well as pursuing settlements. We were able to meet a crucial submission deadline for this client because we were able to verify correct contact information and secure the necessary documents in a timely manner.

Melanie Conkle, Legal Assistant, Provost & Umphrey Law Firm

Superior Public Records Content Available on Accurint for Legal Professionals

Which content sets/offerings within Accurint for Legal Professionals do you feel are superior to other public records providers?

Comprehensive Person reports
Real-time phones
Motor Vehicle data
Comprehensive Business reports

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