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Gusto Customer Testimonial

Gusto has made things easier in terms of handling employee questions.

Business Owner, Small Business Health Care Company

Gusto Customer Research

Which best describes your firm type?

Full-Service Accounting Firm: 40%
Bookkeeping Firm: 30%
Outsourced Accounting Firm: 14%
Tax Firm: 8%
Audit firm: 0%
Other: 8%

Gusto Customer Research

Why small businesses offer benefits

Why did you decide to offer benefits to your employees?

To stay competitive in hiring
To make my employees happy
To be compliant
It’s less expensive than giving raises
To prevent employee churn

Gusto Customer Testimonial

Switching to Gusto was easier than expected. Very pleasant compared to Paychex.

Marketing Director, Small Business Agriculture Company

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About Gusto

Gusto provides payroll, benefits and HR to over 40,000 small business customers.

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