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Selected Research Highlights

Gusto Partner Testimonial

The Paychex UI was extremely outdated and difficult to use. Plus it required using Citrix. Gusto UI is super user-friendly and runs in a browser. Also, I feel like it’s much harder to make a payroll mistake with Gusto.

Adam Gershon, Marketing Manager, Speed Ventures, Inc.

Gusto Customer Research

Of owners who are new to offering benefits, 58% say they are able to better attract & hire top talent, and 44% say morale has improved.

What changes have you seen in your business since you started offering employee benefits?

I’m able to better attract and hire top talent.
Employee morale has improved.
Employee retention has improved.
It didn’t improve anything.
Employee productivity has increased.
Overall employee health has improved.

Gusto Customer Testimonial

Gusto saves me hours of work. In my part-time job with full-time responsibilities, every minute counts.

Office Manager, Non Profit

Gusto Customer Research

Users spent an average of 24 minutes running payroll when using traditional payroll providers.

How much time (in minutes) did you spend each time you ran payroll before Gusto (with your previous payroll provider)?

Average Response by Company Size:

Educational Institution
60 Minutes
Large Enterprise
5 Minutes
Medium Enterprise
157 Minutes
25 Minutes
Small Business
22 Minutes
Overall Average
24 Minutes

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