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Gusto Partner Testimonial

Went from manual time sheets plugged into ADP’s expensive software, to Gusto + TSheets automation. Saved time and was more affordable!

Justin Castro, Accountant, Castro & Company

Gusto Customer Statistic

Switching to Gusto is very easy.

86% of businesses found the experience of switching to Gusto to be very easy.


Gusto Customer Research

What does Gusto do better than your previous payroll provider? (choose many)

Gusto is easier to use
With Gusto, my firm spends lesser time running payroll
Gusto is more automated
With Gusto, there are fewer errors
Gusto has more/better integrations with other apps I use
My clients are more satisfied with Gusto
Gusto's customer service is better
Gusto is more delightful to use
Nothing, it is about the same

Gusto Customer Research

Users spent an average of 29 minutes running payroll before switching to Gusto.

How much time (in minutes) did you spend each time you ran payroll before Gusto (with your previous payroll provider)?

Average Response by Company Size:

Cultural Institution
50 Minutes
Educational Institution
35 Minutes
Fortune 500
5 Minutes
Global 500
10 Minutes
Large Enterprise
11 Minutes
Medium Enterprise
125 Minutes
Membership Organization
45 Minutes
31 Minutes
Small Business
29 Minutes
Overall Average
29 Minutes

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Gusto provides payroll, benefits and HR to over 40,000 small business customers.

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