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Gusto Customer Review

5/5 Stars

I appreciate having my own advisor and I also like my Gusto socks! I have done payroll for years and totally know how to do it, but I love not having to worry about it any more. Payroll is better outsourced, and it’s better outsourced to a company that is so customer responsive. My clients are better served and now I have more free time to offer advisory services.

Gusto Customer Research

Of owners who are new to offering benefits, 58% say they are able to better attract & hire top talent, and 44% say morale has improved.

What changes have you seen in your business since you started offering employee benefits?

I’m able to better attract and hire top talent.
Employee morale has improved.
Employee retention has improved.
It didn’t improve anything.
Employee productivity has increased.
Overall employee health has improved.

Gusto Customer Research

What does Gusto do better than your previous payroll provider? (choose many)

Gusto is easier to use
With Gusto, my firm spends lesser time running payroll
Gusto is more automated
With Gusto, there are fewer errors
Gusto has more/better integrations with other apps I use
My clients are more satisfied with Gusto
Gusto's customer service is better
Gusto is more delightful to use
Nothing, it is about the same

Gusto Customer Testimonial

Gusto has simplified payroll, hiring new employees and benefits.

Business Owner, Small Business Wholesale Distribution Company

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Gusto provides payroll, benefits and HR to over 40,000 small business customers.

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