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4,366 Customers Surveyed

39,689 Data Points Collected

1099 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

Gusto Customer Testimonial

Gusto is so much faster and more convenient.

Business Owner, Small Business Health Care Company

Gusto Customer Research

Why small businesses offer benefits

Why did you decide to offer benefits to your employees?

To stay competitive in hiring
To make my employees happy
To be compliant
It’s less expensive than giving raises
To prevent employee churn

Gusto Partner Testimonial

Gusto makes it easy for us to handle our client’s payroll without any issues. I don’t have to worry if payroll is being done correctly if I am using Gusto.

Joshua Lance, Managing Director, Lance CPA Group

Gusto Customer Research

Users spent an average of 24 minutes running payroll when using traditional payroll providers.

How much time (in minutes) did you spend each time you ran payroll before Gusto (with your previous payroll provider)?

Average Response by Company Size:

Educational Institution
60 Minutes
Large Enterprise
5 Minutes
Medium Enterprise
157 Minutes
25 Minutes
Small Business
22 Minutes
Overall Average
24 Minutes

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Gusto provides payroll, benefits and HR to over 40,000 small business customers.

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