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About This Research

About This Research Data

The research data presented here was collected directly from Gusto customers by TechValidate.

The selection of facts presented here and any supplemental links were chosen by Gusto. You can explore all of TechValidate's independent research on Gusto here →

About TechVaidate

About TechValidate

TechValidate collects, verifies and publishes exclusive research data on technology products and services that is sourced directly from 13,324,894 verified users of those products.

You can learn more about TechValidate here →


2022 Accountants Claims and Testimonials Portal

A selection of TechValidate research findings from surveys of Gusto customers and users.

2022 Accountant Claims 2022 Accountant Named Testimonials

Approved claims for public use from May 2022 Accountant Claims study

Gusto Customer Statistic
What does Gusto do better than your previous payroll provider?
Gusto Customer Statistic
Serve your clients with Gusto
Benefits  of Gusto to your firm
Gusto Customer Statistic
How has Gusto impacted your ability to serve your clients?
How has Gusto impacted your ability to serve your clients?