Why TechValidate?

Content Usage Examples

For our clients, TechValidate's customer evidence content is integral to proving value propositions, attracting more prospects, and raising brand awareness. Here are some real-world usage examples:

Press Releases

Many of our clients cite TechValidate research in their press releases, just like they would use other 3rd party research from Gartner or IDC.

Clients often cite TechValidate content in their press releases or use it to support marketing claims as part of a product launch or other marketing event.


Social Media

All TechValidate content is optimized for social sharing across the popular social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Clients create social media campaigns that drip out a steady stream of fresh TechValidate content in an automated way to cultivate awareness and keep their brand top-of-mind.


Blogs / Websites

TechValidate's third-party authenticated content can be easily embedded on blogs and websites. Clients often use TechValidate content to offer credible proof of market direction or proof that their product delivers meaningful operational or financial results for their customers.


Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Campaigns

The best content that you can show a prospect is what his peers say. Clients use TechValidate content to create compelling lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns that can be highly segmented to fit the specific profile of a target market. TechValidate Research Portal Microsites serve as engaging content offers.


White Papers / Data Sheets / Infographics

Some of the strongest marketing evidence comes from what your customers have to say about your product or service. TechValidate content is often embedded in our customers' own branded collateral, such as powerpoints and whitepapers, to prove product & service claims.


Leveraged by Sales Teams

TechValidate allows you to easily provide a self-service portal so that your sales team can easily get access to all content. All TechValidate content is easily searchable by industry, company size, keyword and custom tags. In fact, TechValidate is integrated with Salesforce.com so sales people don't even have to leave their CRM system to get access to all the TechValidate content.

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Email Newsletters

B2B marketers often find themselves scrambling for compelling content to fill out regular company newsletters. Many clients find that they can publish hundreds of assets from a single project, helping to eliminate the stress of creating content from scratch.


Trade Show Displays

Our customers frequently use their TechValidate content to make engaging content for their trade show presences. Uses range from scrolling slide shows of TechValidate proof points on HD monitors to printed handouts and fact sheets featuring TechValidate stats and case studies.


Web Searches

TechValidate content is indexed by major search engines so sales prospects can discover it when researching your product or service.


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