Why TechValidate?

The Top Challenges We Solve

We help businesses create more engaging content, prove their value to prospects, and improve customer satisfaction.

We need more customer proof.

A Lack of Customer Proof

The best way to prove your value propositions is the voice of your satisfied customers, but usually no more than 5% to 10% will go on the record. The rest are the Silent Satisfied Majority.

How TechValidate helps:

TechValidate dramatically increases the percentage of your customer base that you can harness to produce public-facing marketing collateral – often by 3X or more.

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We need to create more content.

A Content Creation Shortfall

Content is the fuel of today's marketing, but creating great content is expensive and time-consuming.

How TechValidate helps:

Overworked and understaffed marketing departments can't keep up with current content demands using traditional approaches. TechValidate automates the collection and creation of customer content so marketing teams can quickly close the content shortfall.

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We need content that accelerates sales.

Sales Acceleration

Companies need content that helps them at each stage of the sales process, from lead acquisition to lead nurturing, to closing the sale.

How TechValidate helps at each stage of the buyer's journey:
  • At the top end of the funnel, TechValidate proof increases conversion rates in lead generation and advertising campaigns.
  • In the consideration phase, TechValidate content provides personalized proof points to move a prospect from cold to hot.
  • In the decision phase, sales teams use TechValidate content to showcase hard ROI and operational metrics of their product or service's success.
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We need more effective content.

Content Relevance & Effectiveness

In a world of information overload, it's difficult to create content that is truly relevant to your prospects.

How TechValidate helps:

1) We make it painless to create content offers that are laser-targeted to specific groups of prospects.

2) TechValidate content is validated by a trusted 3rd party, making it more credible than content produced in-house.

3) TechValidate content represents the true voice of your customers, the most trusted source to your prospects.

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