Why TechValidate?

The Content Our Software Creates

Our software platform creates an unlimited amount of powerful voice-of-the-customer content for our clients. Here's a look at the 9 kinds of content TechValidate creates:

Customer Testimonials

TechValidate excels at generating a large volume of direct quotes from your satisfied customers.

Customers that can't go on the record can still participate by having their name and organization publicly blinded, though their identity is still verified by TechValidate.

TechValidate customer testimonials are one of the 4 types of TechFacts.

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Sample Customer Testimonial:

vmturbo TechFact

Charts & Graphs

TechValidate publishes engaging charts & graphs based on your customers' experiences with your product/service. These charts provide the quantitative proof that is so often lacking from customer evidence.

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Sample Chart:

ESET Bar Chart

Case Studies

TechValidate Case Studies are 3rd-party validated, short-format case studies sourced directly from your customers. Prospects love them because they're all-data, no filler, and our customers love them because they can create dozens to hundreds of them in a short period of time.

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Sample Case Study – Click to Enlarge:

Code 42 Case Study

Customer Reviews

TechValidate Customer Reviews are real customer reviews that have been verified by a trusted 3rd-party. Each review includes a star rating and customer quotes about how they use your product/service, and whether they would recommend it to others. Charts and statistics of customer reviews can also be published.

TechValidate Customer Reviews are one of the 4 types of TechFacts.

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Sample Customer Review:

HP customer review

Performance & ROI Metrics

By getting a larger portion of your customer base to participate, TechValidate allows you to publish a variety of quantitative data on your product's performance, ROI, and other metrics, all with increased credibility.

Statistics are one of the 4 types of TechFacts.

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Sample Statistic:

Turbonomic TechFact

Customer Proof Points

In addition to statistical data and testimonials, TechValidate excels at collecting and showcasing discrete facts about what your customers have achieved with your product/service.

Customer Proof Points are one of the 4 types of TechFacts.

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Sample Proof Point:

VMWare TechFact

Targeted Microsites

TechValidate Research Portals, available with TechValidate Enterprise Edition, are targeted, engaging microsites that support lead-generation and lead-nurturing programs. They can be created in minutes.

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Sample Research Portal:

HP Research Portal

Embedded Slideshows

TechValidate Enterprise Edition customers can also embed interactive slideshows featuring their TechValidate content into their own websites.

Embedded slideshows are powered by TechValidate Content Collections

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embedded slideshow

Research Dashboards

Each TechValidate client gets their own dedicated public dashboard featuring all of their TechValidate customer content, and nobody else's. This is a great resource for your prospects – and search engines – to find out what your customers think of you.


All TechValidate content is:

Highly Credible
  • Represents the voice of the customer, the most credible source for B2B buyers.
  • Verified by TechValidate, a trusted 3rd party.

Highly Visible

Easy to Utilize
  • One-click tools to share via email & social media.
  • Easy to embed in blogs & websites.
  • Paste into documents & presentations.

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