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QIAGEN Digital Insights Customer Research

Which terms for functional annotation would you like to see supported in CLC Microbial Genomics Module?

EC numbers
GO terms

Case Study: Academic Research Institution and Ingenuity Variant Analysis


This case study of a educational institution is based on a March 2013 survey of Ingenuity Systems customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled organization asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Through the use of Ingenuity we are now able to quickly and efficiently analyze our data and share the results with our collaborators.”


  • Solved the following challenges by deploying Ingenuity Variant Analysis:
    • Realized faster and easier identification of causal variants
    • Reduced the need for developing own informatics pipeline
    • Enabled support for more studies by providing a self-service tool for colleagues and collaborators
  • Purchased Ingenuity Variant Analysis for the following reasons:
    • Reduce time to identify variants worth following up on
    • Identify high impact, most compelling variants to follow up on
    • Access user friendly interface and no bioinformatics experience needed
    • Collaborate and share easily with colleagues and peers

Use Case

  • Uses the following applications with Ingenuity Variant Analysis:
    • DNA sequencing – Whole Exome
    • DNA sequencing – Targeted / Gene Panel
  • Sequencing data is from the following platforms:
    • Illumina Genome Analyzer (GA) / HiSeq
    • Life Technologies SOLiD


  • Chose Ingenuity Systems over the following solutions:
    • In-house developed software
  • Saves 1 to 3 days per sample using Ingenuity Variant Analysis for DNA variant annotation and analysis.
  • Rated the following Ingenuity Variant Analysis capabilities in terms of how differentiated they are compared to other data analysis solutions:
    • Speed: 3 (differentiated)
    • Accessibility/ ease of use: 4 (very differentiated)
    • Sharing with colleagues/peers: 5 (strongly differentiated)
    • Security: 4 (very differentiated)
  • Is satisfied with the ease of use of Ingenuity Variant Analysis.

Case Study: The University Of Texas At Austin


This case study of The University of Texas at Austin is based on a July 2013 survey of Ingenuity IPA customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“IPA has deepened my understanding of a critical RNA helicase and its plethora of cellular connections to cancer. It has given to me a year’s worth of knowledge in a weekend’s time.”


  • Solved the following challenges since deploying IPA for RNA sequencing analysis:
    • Improved precise measurement of transcripts
    • Can more clearly identify biologically relevant isoforms
  • Purchased IPA for RNA sequencing analysis for the following reasons:
    • Interpret the impact of expression changes in the context of biological processes, disease and cellular phenotypes, and molecular interactions
    • Visualize their RNA seq data in context of Isoform View

Use Case

  • Uses the following species in their RNA seq analysis:
    • Humans
  • Uses the following upstream analysis packages to generate RNA-Seq expression values:
    • DESeq
    • Bioconductor


  • Rates the following IPA capabilities compared to the competition:
    • Faster time to insights: extremely differentiated
    • Ease of use: extremely differentiated
    • Novel insights: extremely differentiated
    • Deeper analysis: extremely differentiated
  • Saved > 3 days per analysis with IPA for their RNA seq analysis.
  • Is extremely satisfied with the value for identifying biologically relevant isoforms from RNA seq data using IPA.
  • Increased the productivity of their bioinformatics staff for RNA seq analysis by > 10x with IPA.

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) Customer Testimonial

Greatly facilitates the generation of data packages for drug development. Trust in Ingenuity as knowledge database leads to acceptance also at managment level for decision making on project progress.

Principal Investigator, Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company

QIAGEN Customer Research

What method do you currently use for stabilization of DNA and/or RNA in stool or soil samples?

LifeGuard Soil Preservation Solution
DNA/RNA Shield
I do not use a stabilization solution

QIAGEN Bioinformatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

CLC Genomics Workbench:

Dr. Roger C. Levesque, a Research Director of Microbial & Insect Genomics at Universite Laval, would be very likely to recommend QIAGEN Bioinformatics for this reason:

Excellent products, innovative in development and excellent after service.

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