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Selected Research Highlights

QIAGEN Bioinformatics Customer Testimonial

I am a fan of the product as well as the customer service. There is always a willingness to address feedback – both positive and negative.

Staff Scientist, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

Case Study: Cornell University and Ingenuity Variant Analysis


This case study of Cornell University is based on a March 2013 survey of Ingenuity Systems customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Identifying the causal variants supported by high confidence literature is the key thing in which our institute is interested. Ingenuity makes it so simple and easy. [Our] thanks to Ingenuity.”


  • Solved the following challenges by deploying Ingenuity Variant Analysis:
    • Realized faster and easier identification of causal variants
    • Improved access to biological content including primary sources
    • Improved sharing and collaboration capabilities
    • Eliminated the need for creating and maintaining own up-to-date database of biomedical literature
    • Enabled support for more studies by providing a self-service tool for colleagues and collaborators
  • Purchased Ingenuity Variant Analysis for the following reasons:
    • Access rich biological content in Ingenuity Knowledge Base plus additional sources of variant level content
    • Reduce time to identify variants worth following up on
    • Identify high impact, most compelling variants to follow up on
    • Collaborate and share easily with colleagues and peers

Use Case

  • Uses the following applications with Ingenuity Variant Analysis:
    • DNA sequencing – Whole Genome
  • Sequencing data is from the following platforms:
    • Illumina Genome Analyzer (GA) / HiSeq


  • Chose Ingenuity Systems over the following solutions:
    • VAAST / Omicia
  • Saves > 3 days per sample using Ingenuity Variant Analysis for DNA variant annotation and analysis.
  • Reduced time to results by > 75% by using Ingenuity Variant Analysis for DNA variant annotation and analysis.
  • Rated the following Ingenuity Variant Analysis capabilities in terms of how differentiated they are compared to other data analysis solutions:
    • Speed: 5 (strongly differentiated)
    • Accurate evidence: 5 (strongly differentiated)
    • Accessibility/ ease of use: 5 (strongly differentiated)
    • Sharing with colleagues/peers: 5 (strongly differentiated)
    • Security: 5 (strongly differentiated)
  • Is extremely satisfied with the ease of use of Ingenuity Variant Analysis.

Qiagen Bioinformatics Commercial Solutions Customer Research

Computer Infrastructure

What computer infrastructure do you currently use to analyze your NGS data?

Desktop computer environment on premise
Server side environment on premise
In a virtual private cloud
In a public cloud

Variant Analysis users solving analysis bottlenecks and getting actionable data results.

How confident are you in the insights and results obtained from Variant Analysis for your experiments?

Extremely confident: 0%
Very confident: 43%
Confident: 57%
Not confident: 0%

Ingenuity IPA – Year’s worth of knowledge in 2 days

IPA has deepened my understanding of a critical RNA helicase and its plethora of cellular connections to cancer. It has given to me a year’s worth of knowledge in a weekend’s time.

Jacob Grohman, Post Doctoral Researcher, The University of Texas at Austin

Case Study: Medical Institution and Ingenuity Variant Analysis for Ion Reporter


This case study of a educational institution is based on a April 2014 survey of Ingenuity Variant Analysis plugin for Ion Reporter customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled organization asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Fast identification of variants in sequencing study; free preview!”


  • Tried the Ingenuity Variant Analysis plugin for Ion Reporter because of a referral by an employee of Life Technologies or Ingenuity.
  • Addresses the following challenges in Ion Reporter with the Ingenuity Variant Analysis plugin:
    • Ease of use / usability
    • Sharing work with colleagues

Use Case

  • Has 2-5 people in their lab using the Ingenuity Variant Analysis Plugin for Ion Reporter.
  • Is using for Ion Reporter for Exome / Genome sample types.


  • Helped reduce time to generate a short list of interesting variants with the Ingenuity Variant Analysis plugin for Ion Reporter.
  • Accessed findings from biomedical literature by using the Ingenuity Variant Analysis plugin for Ion Reporter.
  • The following differentiates the Ingenuity Variant Analysis plugin for Ion Reporter from competitive products:
    • Scientific credibility
    • Speed of access to application

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