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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: MCO Transport


This case study of MCO Transport, Inc. is based on a January 2016 survey of Omnitracs Hours of Service customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


  • Chose Omnitracs over other Hours of Service providers for the following reasons:
    • The price
    • Their reputation / industry leadership
    • Already had Omnitracs equipment in truck
  • Main motivations for adopting a Hours of Service application:
    • Driver safety
    • Concerns about audits / falsified logs
    • Reducing driver paperwork
    • Reducing back office paperwork / administrative expenses
    • Driver satisfaction

Use Case

  • Strongly agrees that Omnitracs Hours of Service has had a positive impact on driver safety.


  • Saves between 10 – 15 minutes of paperwork time each day per driver with Omnitracs Hours of Service.
  • Drivers who previously used paper logs and now use e-logs, > 75% of these drivers prefer the new method.
  • > 75% of their drivers feel Electronic Logging Devices make their jobs easier.
  • Strongly agrees that Omnitracs Hours of Service has had a positive Return on Investment for their company.

Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway Customer Research

IVG Usage by Fleet Type

For which fleet size is Intelligent Vehicle Gateway a good fit?

Long Haul Over the Road
Short Regional Haul

Omnitracs Customer Research

Workflow Simplifies Life as a Driver

Driver Workflow has increased the satisfaction of my drivers.


Case Study: Kowalski Sausage Company


This case study of Kowalski Sausage Company is based on a October 2015 survey of Omnitracs customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


  • Realized that a routing and/or dispatching tool was needed because:
    • They needed better daily driver performance management
  • Purchased Roadnet Anywhere over a competitor because:
    • Their SaaS application does not require a high level of IT involvement
    • Had features and functions that other vendors did not

Use Case

  • Roadnet Anywhere features utilized to make a direct impact on business:
    • Customizable routing configurations
    • Custom exceptions & exception reporting
    • Suggest route for manual orders
    • Actual versus planned reporting & playback
  • Roadnet Anywhere features that made you successful in increasing efficiency & accountability while reducing costs:
    • GPS tracking relative to the route plan to know where out of route miles & unplanned stops are occurring in order to correct driver behaviors to reduce costs
    • SaaS solution that allowed for easy implementation without IT personnel
  • Chose a SaaS product for routing and/or dispatching because:
    • No need for IT involvement to get up and running
    • No large up-front costs


  • Benefits achieved after using Roadnet Anywhere:
    • Decreased overtime hours
    • Reduced time spent routing vehicles
    • Provided greater visibility into the costs of their routes and servicing their customers
  • Roadnet Anywhere has improved route efficiency by the following:
    • Reduced labor cost per stop: 11-15%
    • Decreased number of routes per day: 11-15%
  • Roadnet Anywhere makes your business more profitable by:
    • Decreasing driver overtime
    • Reducing the time that it takes to route
    • Knowing where my employees and vehicles are at all times
    • Holding drivers accountable to planned routes
    • Managing a driver performance program
  • Roadnet Anywhere assisted in improving staff efficiency by the following:
    • Increased driver productivity: 11-15%
    • Decreased routing time: 6-10%

Omnitracs Customer Testimonial

Big Savings. Low Cost.

Savings from Roadnet Anywhere Routing outweigh the daily costs.

Fleet Manager, Small Business Wholesale Distribution Company

Roadnet Anywhere has already paid for itself 100x over.

Matt Baranowski, Logistics Manager, Baystate Wine & Spirits

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