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Omnitracs Case Study

Elias Wilf


This case study of Elias Wilf is based on a September 2016 survey of Omnitracs customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Do you want to be able to see in real time what your drivers and trucks are doing? If so, this is the product for you.”


The business challenges that led Elias Wilf to evaluate and ultimately select Omnitracs:

  • They realized they needed a telematics solution because their drivers had no accountability in the field.
  • They wanted a fleet management platform that includes routing, actual vs. planned tracking, and business analytics.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Roadnet Telematics that Elias Wilf uses are:

  • Tracking events like speeding, idling, and harsh driving
  • Proactive notifications of off-route violations
  • Current and historical GPS information
  • Driver, vehicle, and efficiency scorecards
  • Real-time alerts via email or text message
  • Actual vs. planned reporting


Elias Wilf agrees that Roadnet Telematics:

  • Improved their drivers’ safety.

They also see value/savings with Roadnet Telematics in the following ways:

  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction in idling
  • Fewer harsh driving events
  • Fewer out of route violations
  • Fewer phone calls to know where a driver is and when the delivery will be made

Roadnet Telematics also improved their operations by:

  • Lowering fuel consumption
  • Improving driver coaching
  • Enhancing asset utilization
  • Increasing driver accountability & efficiency
  • Increasing profits

With Roadnet Telematics, Elias Wilf was able to reduce the following costly driver habits:

  • Driver speeding
  • Driver idling
  • Harsh events such as acceleration, braking, and cornering
  • Off-route violations

Omnitracs Case Study

Feeding America – Good Shepherd Food Bank


This case study of Feeding America – Good Shepherd Food Bank is based on an April 2016 survey of Omnitracs customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“This is a must have technology in today’s market place.”


  • They realized their need for a mobile Proof of Delivery solution for the following reason:
    • They needed the ability to measure driver performance accurately

Use Case

  • Utilizes the following Omnitracs’ mobile functions:
    • The stop list for the day’s planned deliveries
    • The real-time view of where a driver is during the day
    • Tracking driver exceptions, whether speeding, missed time windows, “completed” delivery outside of a customer geo-radius
    • Driver guidance at the stop, i.e. tasks that must be completed at each delivery
  • They use Android devices.
  • They find Proof of Delivery important for the following reason:
    • The ability to communicate with their drivers


  • Sees their savings from the following area:
    • Limiting driver overtime
  • Reason for purchasing Omnitracs Roadnet over the competition:
    • The software is easy to implement, understand, and to use
  • Proof of Delivery improved the efficiency of their mobile employees in the following ways:
    • Improved the tracking of travel time / service time
    • Improved arrivals and departures
    • Decreased paperwork
    • Improved speed of delivery confirmation for back office billing
    • Improved invoicing
    • Improved communication with managers
    • Improved guidance of the correct path to complete

Roadnet Anywhere Features Help Businesses Increase Profitability

I use Roadnet Anywhere to make my business more profitable by:

Reducing the Time that it Takes to Route
By Knowing Where My Employees and Vehicles Are at All Times
Determining Planned Arrival/Departure Times for Deliveries/Pickups/Customer Service
Decreasing Driver Overtime
Holding Drivers Accountable to Planned Routes
Reducing Miles Run per Route
Being Able to Quickly Respond to Customer Inquiries
Managing a Driver Performance Program
Being Able to Electronically Confirm the Date and Time a Delivery Occurred
Reducing the Number of Vehicles Needed to Service my Customers

Omnitracs Customer Statistic

Critical Event Video (CEV) Lets You Get the Most Out of Your Investment in Omnitracs

Seventy four percent of surveyed CEV customers agreed that CEV has helped them leverage their investment in Omnitracs.


An Operations Manager of a small business food company is very likely to recommend Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere for the following reason:

I’m very pleased with Roadnet Anywhere’s performance and ease of use.

Roadnet Anywhere Increases Staff Productivity

Roadnet Anywhere improves staff efficiency by increasing staff productivity.


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