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Selected Research Highlights

Omnitracs Customer Statistic

Driver Performance is the Key to Better Proof of Delivery Management

74% of surveyed Fleet Management organizations realized that a routing & dispatching tool was needed in order to achieve better daily driver performance management.


Roadnet Anywhere has helped our organization get a better handle on our logistics and routing. We used to have all of our drivers route their own trucks, now we do it more efficiently and save on driver overtime. It has also provided us with the opportunity to provide real-time feedback to our customers regarding delivery times.

Operations Manager, Small Business Wholesale Distribution Company

Omnitracs Customer Research

Omnitracs is an effective partner in helping us use technology to comply with industry regulations.

Agree: 93%
Disagree: 7%

Omnitracs Case Study

Feeding America – Good Shepherd Food Bank


This case study of Feeding America – Good Shepherd Food Bank is based on an April 2016 survey of Omnitracs customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“This is a must have technology in today’s market place.”


  • They realized their need for a mobile Proof of Delivery solution for the following reason:
    • They needed the ability to measure driver performance accurately

Use Case

  • Utilizes the following Omnitracs’ mobile functions:
    • The stop list for the day’s planned deliveries
    • The real-time view of where a driver is during the day
    • Tracking driver exceptions, whether speeding, missed time windows, “completed” delivery outside of a customer geo-radius
    • Driver guidance at the stop, i.e. tasks that must be completed at each delivery
  • They use Android devices.
  • They find Proof of Delivery important for the following reason:
    • The ability to communicate with their drivers


  • Sees their savings from the following area:
    • Limiting driver overtime
  • Reason for purchasing Omnitracs Roadnet over the competition:
    • The software is easy to implement, understand, and to use
  • Proof of Delivery improved the efficiency of their mobile employees in the following ways:
    • Improved the tracking of travel time / service time
    • Improved arrivals and departures
    • Decreased paperwork
    • Improved speed of delivery confirmation for back office billing
    • Improved invoicing
    • Improved communication with managers
    • Improved guidance of the correct path to complete

Case Study: C.R. England, Inc.


This case study of C.R. England, Inc. is based on a January 2016 survey of Omnitracs Hours of Service customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


  • Chose Omnitracs over other Hours of Service providers for the following reasons:
    • Their user-friendly products
    • Their reputation / industry leadership
    • The driver performance capabilities
    • The vehicle performance capabilities
  • Main motivations for adopting an Hours of Service application:
    • Driver safety
    • Concerns about audits / falsified logs
    • Reducing driver paperwork
    • Reducing back office paperwork / administrative expenses
    • Driver satisfaction
    • Reducing non-compliance fines

Use Case

  • Strongly agrees that Omnitracs Hours of Service has had a positive impact on driver safety.


  • Saves > 15 minutes of paperwork time each day per driver with Omnitracs Hours of Service.
  • Of the drivers who have previously used paper logs and now use e-logs, > 75% of them prefer the new method.
  • > 75% of their drivers feel Electronic Logging Devices make their jobs easier.
  • Strongly agrees that Omnitracs Hours of Service has had a positive Return on Investment for their company.

Why buy Roadnet Anywhere?

Top reasons customers bought this product:

Software is Easy To Implement, Understand, and To Use
SaaS Application Does Not Require High Level of IT Involvement
Roadnet Anywhere had Features and Functions that Others Did Not
Fully Integrated Routing and Full-Functionality Dispatching + Proof of Delivery
Reputation for Outstanding Products & Success Stories from Other Customers

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