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Broadcom Customer Research

How do you determine revised Workload Automation Service Delivery time?

Previous experience used to determine a time and add a safety buffer
Calculate it based on average times of jobs still to run
Do not provide a time – when fixed will let them know
System recalculates expected delivery time based on averages
System provides expected restoration time based on context (AI/ML)

Broadcom Customer Research

How do you determine actions when a Workload Automation Service Level breach has or is predicted to occur?

Operational experience determines actions
None – only informed after breach has occurred
Critical path is shown to determine where to act
System provides time left to avoid a breach

Broadcom Customer Research

Every Breach Impacts Your Business – Plan To Reduce / Mitigate Them

How many Workload Automation Service Level breaches do you deal with?

None: 26%
Average of 1 per month: 39%
Average of 2-4 per month: 26%
Multiple breaches per week: 9%

Broadcom Customer Research

Equip Operations to Avoid SLA Breaches

What advanced notice of potential breaches to Workload Automation Service Level do you receive?

None – reliant on IT Operations / NOC to see it: 29%
None – informed after breach has occurred: 14%
Job must start by or complete by time alert built into schedule: 26%
Evaluated after every job event (started, completed, failed, etc.): 10%
Real-time evaluation (i.e. even alerted while job is running): 21%

Broadcom Customer Research

React Appropriately When Breaches Happen

What action do you take after Workload Automation Service Level breaches?

Post mortem review with actions to stop repeat occurrences
Alert to operations to keep a closer eye on future executions
No action unless it becomes a common occurrence

Broadcom Customer Research

Don’t’ Hide Status of SLA Delivery

Are Workload Automation Service Level delivery metrics published to the company (intranet, regular report, newsletter etc)?

Yes: 67%
No: 33%

Broadcom Customer Research

Discuss SLA Delivery With All Stakeholders

Are Workload Automation Service Level delivery metrics reviewed in Line of Business/Management interlock meetings?

Yes: 77%
No: 23%

Broadcom Customer Research

Make Certain That SLA Delivery is Important to Operations

Are Workload Automation Service Level delivery metrics used as a KPI in IT Operations?

Yes: 74%
No: 26%

Broadcom Customer Research

Understand the Impact of Breaching an SLA

Is there an associated cost to business of a breach to a Workload Automation Service Level?

Yes: 77%
No: 23%

Broadcom Customer Research

Make Sure SLAs Meet What Your Business Requires

Who defines the Service Level for results coming from Workload Automation?

Line of Business: 57%
IT Operations: 43%

Broadcom Customer Research

Having SLAs Defines Means You Can Monitor and Improve

Do you have defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for results from your workload automation solution?

Yes: 55%
In the process of creating them: 7%
No: 38%

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