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Broadcom Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Professional at a federal government would be very likely to recommend Broadcom for this reason:

Stable and mature product, and great customer service.

Broadcom Customer Research

Every Breach Impacts Your Business – Plan To Reduce / Mitigate Them

How many Workload Automation Service Level breaches do you deal with?

None: 26%
Average of 1 per month: 39%
Average of 2-4 per month: 26%
Multiple breaches per week: 9%

Broadcom Customer Research

Equip Operations to Avoid SLA Breaches

What advanced notice of potential breaches to Workload Automation Service Level do you receive?

None – reliant on IT Operations / NOC to see it: 29%
None – informed after breach has occurred: 14%
Job must start by or complete by time alert built into schedule: 26%
Evaluated after every job event (started, completed, failed, etc.): 10%
Real-time evaluation (i.e. even alerted while job is running): 21%

Broadcom Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Chief Technology Officer at a state & local government would be very likely to recommend Broadcom for this reason:

They just work.

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