TechValidate Research on Syngenta Syngenta Acelepryn® insecticide - Lawn

5 TechFacts

Acelepryn Customer Statistic

69% of lawn care companies have realized a notable improvement in reduced breakthroughs since using Acelepryn.


Acelepryn Customer Statistic

67% of surveyed organizations agree that Acelepryn enables me to spend less labor due to the need for only one application per season.


Acelepryn Customer Statistic

98% of lawn care companies agree that Acelepryn is highly effective.


Acelepryn Customer Statistic

Acelepryn Exceeds expectations

94% of lawn care companies confirmed that compared to the insecticide they used before, Acelepryn exceeded expectations.


Acelepryn Customer Statistic

Average Acelepryn Rating of 4.4 stars

4.5/5 Stars

53% of lawn care companies rated Acelepryn 5 out of 5 stars.

96% rated Acelepryn as 4 or higher.

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