TechValidate Research on QIAGEN OmicSoft

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110 Customers Surveyed

751 Data Points Collected

11 Published TechFacts

Selected Research Highlights

OmicSoft Customer Satisfaction Rating

How has QIAGEN OmicSoft supported your bioinformatics operations?

A Staff Scientist at a global Top 10 pharmaceuticals company would be very likely to recommend OmicSoft for this reason:

Omicsoft has been great with development services such as building our internal Land, and they are very responsive to tech support questions when I run into difficulty.

OmicSoft Customer Testimonial

Top pharma love OmicSoft.

Qiagen Omicsoft actually have tons of valuable information for drug discovery. We also have leveraged these data/information in our research.

Guo Shicheng, Principal Scientist, Johnson & Johnson

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