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Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

Umbrella provides an additional layer of protection for students with BYOD.

Chris Bernard, Chief Information Security Officer, Bucknell University

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

Malware infections dropped dramatically.

John Lush, IT Administrator, Wyoming Bank & Trust

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

Cisco Umbrella solves the problem of Ransomware. We believe in implementing in-depth security but we feel that Umbrella has solved most of our issues around ransomware.

Senior IT Director, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

Between 2014 and 2016 we saw an increase of almost 3000% of users using mobile devices and an increase of nearly 200% of users needing remote access to the network. Having been a proxy shop for years, this meant that each user outside of our walls represented an increased threat as they traveled. We had looked at solutions that forced users to VPN back into the system to gain access as well as pushing proxy PAC files to our mobile phones, but those solutions were cumbersome. Spinning up an internal DNS server and changing DHCP settings was much easier. Since we already used the Cisco AnyConnect client, we were able to push the Umbrella client to it saving our support team from having to touch 150 laptops and our MDM solution pushed the Umbrella app to the mobile devices. In a matter of days, we went from being severely hampered in protecting our mobile workforce, to completely protected.

Damon Bagley, Security Officer, Living Spaces Furniture

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

The consistent reliability of control and reporting. The simplicity of the dashboard. I love the speed of online management and roll out of new policies, site specific, agency wide, by the click of the button. It helps my mind be at ease for the infrastructure I support. Great Job Cisco!

Nathaniel Hobbs, IT Administrator, Nome Community Center

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