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CA Technologies Application Synthetic Monitor Customer Review

Five Star Global Monitoring Capabilities

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses CA Technologies App Synthetic Monitor:

We use the CA Technologies App to monitor our services from our monitoring stations worldwide which helps us troubleshoot issues with customers.

Top 4 Ways CA APM 10 Can Help You

Which of the following has CA APM 10 helped you achieve?

Proactively manage the user experience to create a competitive advantage for our business
Easily deploy and manage application performance management to gain value
Utilize system intelligence through advanced analytics and smart instrumentation for more rapid triage
Fuel collaboration across my organization to enable continuous performance and quality improvements

AIOps, Machine Learning and Analytics Customer Research

Top 3 Ways AIOps can help toolchain automation

How can AIOps and machine learning help increase automation across your toolchain?

Providing faster, more accurate root cause analysis
Automate the analysis of the event, log, and metric data produced by the tools
Reduce alert noise

AIOps, Machine Learning and Analytics Customer Statistic

Improving Efficiency & User Experience is Key for AIOps

93% of surveyed organizations identified increasing IT efficiency and improving user experience as the most important AIOps-related business outcomes for their organization.


Case Study: PureSCM Increases Revenue and Improves Customer Experience


This case study of PURESCM is based on a July 2013 survey of CA Technologies Application Performance Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“A valuable expense to improve revenue.”

“We are able to increase customer experience and lower critical incidents.”


  • Purchased and implemented CA Application Performance Management to address the following:
    • An increased frequency of application slowdowns and downtime
    • An increased mean time to repair of service outages
    • Decreased customer satisfaction because of poor performance/outages
    • Increased complexity and difficulty diagnosing performance issues
    • The application server performance
    • The need to consolidate disparate monitoring tools into a single solution for more integrated performance management

Use Case

  • Has 0 – 100 agents deployed.
  • Monitors the following types of applications/services with CA Application Performance Management:
    • E-commerce web applications
    • Mainframe applications
    • Corporate Intranet (Sharepoint, et al)
    • Database/data warehouse systems
  • Uses the following CA Application Performance Management offering:
    • CA APM (Introscope + CEM)


  • Chose CA Application Performance Management over the following competitors:
    • BMC
    • HP
    • IBM
  • Achieved the following with the implementation of CA Application Performance Management:
    • Improved end-user experience
    • Reduced mean time to repair
    • Reduced the number of performance incidents
    • Improved transaction times
    • Reduced the total cost of downtime to their organization
    • Improved SLA metrics
    • Was able to devote more resources to IT innovation
  • Ranks the improvement of the following issues solved by CA Application Performance Management:
    • Mean Time to Repair: 80% to 100%
    • Number of Outages: 20% to 40%
    • Lost Revenue: 60% to 80%
    • IT Productivity: 60% to 80%

Case Study: Accenture


This case study of Accenture is based on a June 2015 survey of CA Technologies Application Performance Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“CA APM helped to get the RCA for performance issues faster.”


  • Solved the following challenges with CA APM:
    • Inconsistent or poor app end-user-experience
    • Difficult and long root-cause analysis for app performance issues
    • Long app performance Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)

Use Case

  • Deployed 500 – 1000 CA Agents/JVMS.
  • Monitors 50,000 – 250,000 transactions per day with CA APM.


  • Rated CA APM in the following areas:
    • Ease of use and management: very positive
    • Monitoring coverage: very positive
    • Scalability: positive
    • Depth & frequency of metrics: very positive
    • Customization e.g. dashboards: positive
  • Implementing CA APM improved the following:
    • End-user-experience: 35-50%
    • Application performance: 50-75%
    • Preventitive issues : 50-75%
    • MTTR for application problems: 35-50%
    • Reduction of time on administration and management: 50-75%
  • The company has seen an improvement in the below areas since adopting CA APM:
    • The quality of the applications their organization delivers
    • The speed of delivery of new applications has increased
    • The organization is able to fix performance issues faster, allowing greater time to deliver new innovation
    • Where the problems are and which are the most important to address first

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