A10 Networks Customer Fact

Quick ROI. Great Product.

BR.Digital Telecom realized a positive ROI in 3 – 6 months with the A10 Thunder TPS solution.

A10 Networks Customer Fact

Brazilian Telecom BR.Digital Saves with A10 Networks

Over time, BR.Digital Telecom estimates an actual dollar savings of $100,000 to $500,000 after deploying and using A10 Networks’ Thunder TPS solution.

A10 Networks Customer Fact

Mexican Telco Izzi Reaps Game-changing Results with Thunder TPS

As confirmed by a third-party, Izzi agrees with the following:

· “I recommend A10 Networks’ products, Thunder CGN and Thunder TPS over other solutions.”
· “A10 Networks offers tremendous scalability.”

Operations Mgr. Daniel Tavira Rated Thunder CGN & Thunder TPS as follows:

· Usability/Deployment: Superior
· Reliability: Much Better
· Quality of Post-Sales Support: Much Better

A10 Networks Customer Fact

Big Savings and Great ROI — An Unbeatable Combination

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd. (TSTT) confirms it realized a positive ROI in 3–6 months, while lowering CapEx and OpEx 25-45%, AND saved $100k to $500k after deploying A10 solutions into their IT infrastructure.

A10 Networks Customer Fact

Mexican Telco Izzi Achieves Quantifiable Results with Thunder TPS & CGN

Izzi Operations Mgr. Daniel Tavira confirmed in a third-party survey the following results the Mexican telco derived from deploying A10 Thunder TPS and CGN:

· Performance improved by 50-74%
· Operational agility improved by 50-74%
· Software strategy initiatives accelerated by 50-74%
· Security incident reduction dropped 50-74%
· Highly desired reliability improved 50-74%

Izzi also confirms CapEx dropped 50-74% with ROI achieved in 18-24 months.

A10 Networks Customer Research

100% of Latin American A10 Thunder CGN Customers Say Its Performance and Scalability Are Better Than Competition

When asked to rate A10 Network’s Thunder CGN performance and scalability compared to other vendors/competitors they have evaluated or used, organizations affirm:

Best in class: 60%
Superior: 27%
Better: 13%
Not better: 0%

A10 Networks Customer Fact

Iconecta CIO Says A10 Networks “Best in Class”

Compared to other vendors they have evaluated or used, rated A10 Network’s Thunder the best in class for the following:

• CGN Centralized Management
• Reliability
• Features and Functions
• Quality of Customer Support
Flexibility and Speed of Implementation
• Robust APIs for Integration with Existing Tools
Easy Integration with Future Network Evolution Plans, e.g., 5G, NFV, MEC, edge, telco cloud, cloud native

A10 Networks Customer Testimonial

CIO Endorses A10 Networks’ Thunder CGN Solution

“With the A10 Networks Thunder CGN solution, it allowed us to elegantly move customers to IPv6, fulfilling a key business directive.”