The Importance of Verified Content

B2B marketers frequently use third parties to verify their claims and influence purchasing decisions. Examples of this abound:

  • Analyst Reports and Opinions
  • Industry and Market Research showcasing trends in the marketplace
  • Customer Stories – case studies, videos, and quotes from customers

In our surveys of B2B marketing professionals, content sourced from 3rd-party analysts was rated as more effective than content produced in-house. However, content sourced from existing customers was rated far and away the most effective. It's no surprise – B2B buyers trust their peers more than any other information source.

Effectiveness of Marketing Content by Type

Combining the voice of the customer and 3rd-party verification

Given the data above, wouldn't it stand to reason that the most credible content of all would be sourced directly from existing customers AND verified by a trusted 3rd party?

We think so, and so do our clients. Global 500 companies, like HP, IBM, Dell, and EMC, to small startups use TechValidate to prove their value and showcase more customer voice in their marketing communications.

Content Your prospects Can Trust

All TechValidate content assets come with a set of trust factors to guarantee the authenticity of the underlying participants' voice:

  • 3rd-Party Verified - TechValidate verifies the identities and organizational affiliations of all customers that participate. Our software leverage stringent process controls that ensure customers are who they say they are and that they have experience with the product and service that they provide feedback on. We stand behind the authenticity of the data that we collect and publish.
  • Transparent - All TechValidate content is automatically published to the TechValidate Content Library, an open site used by thousands of IT and business professionals to see what their peers think about the technology products and services they use.
  • Uniquely Identified - Each TechValidate content asset is stamped with a unique 9-digit identifier called a TVID for easy identification and verification. As a result, it is easy to cite TechValidate content either by referencing the TVID number or directly linking to the unique web page. Anyone can come to our website to check on the veracity of any statement attributed to TechValidate and learn more about the content.

Use TechValidate Content Like Any Other 3rd-Party Content

Our clients cite and use their TechValidate content much like they would research from Gartner or IDC. TechValidate acts as a 3rd party verifier of what customers say about a product or service in the same way as a financial auditor might attest to a company's financial results. As a result, prospects view TechValidate proof points as more credible than uncorroborated claims made by a vendor.

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