How TechValidate Helps You Create Targeted Content

Targeted Content

The problem: Content must be relevant to be effective.

In complex B2B sales, prospects want assurances that your product has been proven to work in similar real-world situations to theirs. Your customers are your first and most authoritative source for convincing prospects to buy from you.

To attract new prospects and nurture existing ones through the purchasing cycle, savvy marketers must personalize their content and evidence to appeal to their prospects' unique needs. For instance, ideally, you would nurture financial services prospects with evidence from successful financial services customers.

However, handcrafting personalized collateral and customer evidence for marketing programs is too costly and requires too much manpower to be tenable. The combinations of usage models, industry verticals, and company size make it very challenging to build a complete arsenal of content for each segment. Most marketing organizations have difficulty getting enough customer references, let alone producing evidence for an entire matrix of customer segments.

How TechValidate Helps

Building Out the Content Matrix

With TechValidate, you can rapidly publish fact-based customer evidence tailored to each market segment you're pursuing. Every chart, case study, and testimonial you publish can be tailored to a specific industry, organization type, or role with a single click. With just a couple more clicks, you can cross-tab separate charts together to create even more targeted content.

With TechValidate, it is easy to fill out an entire multi-dimensional content matrix with customer proof tailored to each key industry, usage model, or other criteria.

Creating Relevant, Focused Content Offers


Once a diverse array of evidence has been collected from your customer base, a single marketer can use TechValidate to rapidly generate targeted microsites, each personalized to key buying segments. We call these microsites Research Portals. In a matter of minutes, with no coding, you can create several Portals to use as content offers in lead-generation and nurturing campaigns.

Research Portals allow prospects to see case studies, testimonials, and real-world research statistics from your customers – all tailored to their unique interests. As a marketer, you control the content and message on the research portal, but still enjoy the authenticity and authority of a 3rd party site. TechValidate Research portals can be created by vertical industry, usage model, or any other theme that you wish.

Use the tool to create as much content as you can because the TechValidate software just organizes all of it within the application itself. Having more customer content available will greatly broaden your ability to create very targeted customer messages in the future.

Jim Sherhart

Jim Sherhart

Senior Director of Marketing

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Bottom Line: TechValidate allows your prospects to self identify with your customer base by seeing concrete examples of your success in their own vertical, company size, or usage model. With TechValidate, you can truly have tailored customer centric evidence for all core market segments.

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