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Surveys to Content

TechValidate is more than a survey platform. Our unique software takes real voice-of-the-customer data and turns it into credible, fact-based content while protecting the anonymity of survey participants.

How it Works


Motus, LLC's customer (you!) takes a short survey.

Using web-based surveys, we gather data on behalf of our clients while also protecting the anonymity of survey participants. All survey questions are authored by our clients.


We provide tools for Motus, LLC to analyze and publish the results.

After screening the data, our software platform allows our clients to instantly publish the voice of their customers as credible, fact-based content – charts, graphs, customer testimonials, customer reviews, etc.


Motus, LLC may use the resulting content in their marketing.

Our clients use the voice-of-the-customer content they generate with our platform on their websites, in press releases, social media, and anywhere it's valuable to present the true voice of their customers.

Our Anonymity Guarantee

To enable high participation rates, we protect the anonymity of survey participants in all published survey results. This allows you to contribute your feedback freely without fear of legal or business repercussions.

You can waive your anonymity if you're ok with having your name and company shown in published survey results, but anonymity is the default.

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About the Company

We are headquartered in Northern California, and our software is used by hundreds of vendors worldwide, from global leaders to fast-growing startups. We were recently acquired by SurveyMonkey, the world's leading survey company.

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