2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends and Analysis eBook

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TechValidate has conducted a survey of B2B marketing professionals and compiled the results into a highly useful, easy to understand eBook.

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About the eBook

We've distilled the 1000s of data points from our survey into a clear, concise 26 page eBook that identifies all the current trends and use cases for B2B content marketing.

You’ll Learn:

  • Content marketing budget trends
  • Common challenges faced by B2B marketers
  • Which content has the highest ROI

What You Get

Sections Included:

  • Importance of Content Marketing

    How important is it and what aspects are the most importatnt

  • Challenges of Creating and Publishing Content

    How to best adapt to the many challenges of content marketing

  • Creating Effective and Meaningful Content

    Make your targets closely identify with the content you’re creating

  • Appendix

    See all the data that we gathered our insights from

Sample Pages:

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