How TechValidate Helps You Prove Your Value

Proof Points

Let's face it: It's tough to prove your real-world impact.

Fact-based, quantified marketing content is the Holy Grail. It builds credibility with your prospects and showcases your product delivering real value. So why do so few vendors use it?

Truth be told, it is laborious and costly to collect credible, quantified measurements on the real-world impact of your product. Customers are reluctant to go on the record about specifics.

Synthetic benchmarks and TCO/ROI models attempt to fill the gap, but don't reflect real-world experiences. Custom research reports sourced from customer interviews are excessively costly, take months to produce, and focus only on a couple customers. Despite these obstacles, prospects demand quantifiable, real-world proof points from the one source that they trust – their peers.

How TechValidate Helps

TechValidate software helps you amass an arsenal of specific examples and quantified operational and financial impact data that can be leveraged to prove your value proposition.

TechValidate is purpose-built to create metric-oriented proof points about the real world impact that your product has. This information comes directly from your customers – the ones who know how your product performs in the real world.

TechValidate customers routinely use our software to prove:

  • ROI/TCO savings
  • CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies
  • Administrative economies
  • Process improvements
  • Ease of use metrics
  • Customer satisfaction ratings

We see a clear ROI from leveraging TechValidate across our marketing efforts at Drobo. This is simply the fastest, most cost-effective way we've found to generate targeted content to help our customers make purchasing decisions.


Tom Buiocchi


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