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What is?

TechValidate is a software platform...

application and survey

... that creates marketing content.

Our software captures the voice of your customers and transforms it into compelling content.

application and survey
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How it Works

TechValidate has created an efficient process to collect data from your customers, verify it, and publish it as 3rd-party-verified content.

1 Collect

Our app collects data directly from your customers via web-based questionnaires. Our questionnaires are optimized to give your customers a great experience, while providing you with a high response rate.

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2 Validate

TechValidate confirms the identities of participants, while protecting their privacy.

Our anonymity guarantee allows people who would not normally be able to participate in customer referencing activities to speak freely. Learn more »

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3 Publish

Instantly publish the data you select as content assets verified by TechValidate. Our customers routinely publish hundreds of content assets in their first 30 days – there's no limit.

The TechValidate Content Library serves as a public repository of your published customer proof. Since TechValidate is a 3rd party, you can cite the content in press releases just like you would any 3rd-party analyst research.

Asset Examples

4 Utilize

TechValidate content is useful across all stages of the buyer's journey, from awareness to final decision-making, and we provide the tools to leverage your content in each of these funnel stages.

In addition, our Connectors integrate with leading CRM, Marketing Automation, and collaboration platforms so that your TechValidate content is leveraged across the enterprise.

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Awareness & Social Media

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Sales Enablement

The Results

  • More customer proof to support sales teams

  • A library of targeted content to support marketing campaigns

  • More engaging content that prospects find credible

TechValidate has dramatically enhanced the effectiveness of our customer evidence programs while reducing our content production costs.

Asim Zaheer

Asim Zaheer

Chief Marketing Officer

TechValidate is a critical part of our marketing automation and demand generation strategy. It's a huge win for solving our content creation requirements.

Pooja Desai-Singh

Pooja Desai-Singh

Marketing Manager

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