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On-demand market research from millions of qualified business and technology professionals worldwide.

The Thought Leadership Challenge

To stay relevant today, a company can't just evangelize their own products and services. They need to be perceived as a thought-leader in their industry, educating others on important facts, market trends, and insights.

Historically, a company would pay an analyst firm to conduct this market research; however, the process is often slow, and expensive. Moreover, the buyer has marginal control over what the report will say.

That's why we created TechValidate Market Research – an automated software alternative to the traditional company – analyst relationship. We bring the speed, scalability, and convenience of TechValidate to the slow, frustrating world of custom research.

How it Works

Through advanced data-mining and machine-learning algorithms, TechValidate has assembled a research audience of millions of qualified business and IT professionals distributed around the world.

You can target our audience by job title, industry, country, and organization type (see below). Simply tell us who you need to reach, the number of responses you need, and the questions to ask, and we'll do the rest.

For each specific project, our software selects the best research participants from our audience and sends them targeted online surveys. We automatically screen invalid responses, and deliver the data to you in our easy to use app. You'll go from project conception to completion in less than a month.

Customer Case Study: SnapLogic

Watch this short video to see how SnapLogic used TechValidate Market Research to rapidly generate thought-leadership content:

Content Examples

Once your research data has been collected, you'll publish charts, statistics, and individual responses with the push of a button. All published content is branded as TechValidate Market Research sponsored by you, and is featured in our online research library. Unlike with traditional analysts, you always have control over what is published.


Hitachi conducted a TechValidate Market Research study on the risks and rewards of Cloud adoption. Their published research findings included 8 charts and 12 statistics collected from over 100 IT professionals. Based on the research results, Hitachi also created a fact-filled infographic.

Hitachi research chart


Akamai conducted a TechValidate Market Research study on how digital technology is transforming businesses of all types. They published over 75 research findings, many of which were targeted to their top industries and sales regions. They also created a whitepaper based on the research results.

Akamai research chart


SolidFire conducted a TechValidate Market Research study on the current state of Storage Automation. They published over 50 research findings based on the data we collected. After publishing their TechValidate content, they brought attention to the data with a press release, a research report, a webinar, and an integrated social media campaign.

SolidFire research chart
press release

Audience Selection Criteria

Choose from dozens of audience segments across four main categories – Company Type, Industry, Job Function, and Country – to help you target exactly the people you need for your project. Segments can be combined, for instance: "Server and System Administrators in the United States".

Explore Our Selection Criteria

  1. Accounting
  2. Administative
  3. Art and Design
  4. Business Development
  5. Community and Social Services
  6. Consulting
  7. Education
  8. Engineering, Sciences, Biotech
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Finance
  11. Healthcare Services
  12. Human Resources
  13. Information Technology
    1. Database
    2. Engineering & QA
    3. IT Applications
    4. Network Administrators
    5. Security, Compliance, & Privacy
    6. Server and System Administrators
    7. Storage Administrators
  14. Legal
  15. Marketing
  16. Media and Communications
  17. Operations
  18. Facilities
  19. Manufacturing
  20. Program, Project, and Product Management
  21. Purchasing
  22. Quality Assurance
  23. Real Estate
  24. Research
  25. Retired
  26. Sales
  27. Support
  28. Telecommunications
  1. United States
  2. India
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Canada
  5. Australia
  1. Aerospace & Defense
  2. Agriculture
  3. Automotive & Transport
  4. Banking
  5. Beverage
  6. Professional Services
  7. Non-profit
  8. Chemicals
  9. Computer Hardware
  10. Computer Services
  11. Computer Software
  12. Construction
  13. Consumer Products
  14. Consumer Services
  15. Cultural Institution
  16. Educational Institution
  17. Electronics
  18. Energy & Utilities
  19. Environmental Services & Equipment
  20. Financial Services
  21. Food
  22. Foundation
  23. Government
  24. Health Care
  25. Industrial Manufacturing
  26. Insurance
  27. Hospitality
  28. Media & Entertainment
  29. Membership Organization
  30. Metals & Mining
  31. Pharmaceuticals
  32. Real Estate
  33. Retail
  34. Security Products & Services
  35. Telecommunications Equipment
  36. Telecommunications Services
  37. Transportation Services
  38. Wholesale Distribution
  39. Infrastructure and Engineering
  40. Architecture
  41. Engineering
  42. Legal
  43. Marketing & Advertising
  44. Gambling
  45. Communities
  46. Gaming
  1. Company
  2. Government
    1. Federal Government
    2. State & Local Government
  3. Educational Institution
  4. Other Organizations

We're constantly growing and refining our audience, so contact us if you don't see the exact selection criteria you need.

Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to establish yourself as a thought leader, talk to us to get started with your market research project. We'll get you the data – and the content you need – in less than a month.

With TechValidate Market Research, we created ready-to-use thought leadership content in a fraction of the time compared to other 3rd party research options.

Mark Dempsey

Mark Dempsey

Director of Product and Solutions Marketing, Hitachi Ltd.

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