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TechValidate Research Portals

TechValidate Research Portals are targeted, engaging microsites that support lead-generation and lead-nurturing programs. With our easy-to-use interface, you can build them in minutes.

How our customers use their research portals:

Content Offers For Drip Marketing Campaigns

Research Portals are used to educate and nurture cold prospects before turning them over to sales. Customers often use them in conjunction with marketing automation software.

To Showcase Success in a Vertical

Research Portals can be created as proof of traction in a vertical market or key strategic industry. They can be easily tailored for industry marketing initiatives.

To Prove Traction with a Partner

Research Portals can act as market validation for a joint solution created between your product and another partner. They are ideally suited for joint partner marketing activities.

To Demonstrate a Usage Model

Research Portals can show how customers use your product to solve a specific problem or how it is part of a larger solution. Portals can become a key deliverable in a solution marketing campaign.

The Portals capability of TechValidate is very powerful. Don't overlook it. It lets you generate targeted content pages for any topic and then stream TechValidate content to those pages as they are generated. It saves us a lot of time and energy, especially for market-specific communications efforts.

Heidi Schreifels

Heidi Schreifels

Customer Reference Manager

Real-world Examples:

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