Our Product

Content Collections

TechValidate Content Collections are shareable and embeddable themed groupings of your TechFacts, Case Studies and Charts.

Types of Collections:

Curated Collections

Choose specific pieces of content and the order they appear.

Smart Collections

Automatically build collections based on settings you provide

Easily embeddable in multiple ways:


Slide Shows

Great for landing page, blog post, etc.


Vertical Lists

Great for your site's sidebar


Horizontal lists

Great for a page header or footer

Real-World Examples:

All TechValidate collections are:

3rd-Party Proof

TechValidate provides verified proof of your customer success. We verify the identities and organizational affiliations of all customers that participate and stand behind the authenticity of the data that we publish.

Easy to Share and Embed

We make it easy to distribute your collections via email, social media, on the web, and through marketing automation software. We also offer engaging widgets to embed your collections on your site.

Customized to Meet Your Message

You can create an unlimited number of customized collections that tell thematic stories about how your customers use your products.

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