Why TechValidate?

Case Studies

TechValidate Case Studies are 3rd-party validated, short-format case studies sourced directly from your customers.

Anatomy of a TechValidate Case Study

Anatomy of a Case Study

All TechValidate Case Studies are:

  • 3rd-Party Verified

    TechValidate verifies the identities and organizational affiliations of all customers that participate. We stand behind the authenticity of the data that we collect and publish.

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  • Published to the TechValidate Content Library

    All Case Studies are automatically published to the TechValidate Content Library, an open site used by thousands of IT and business professionals to see what their peers think about the technology products and services they use.

  • Uniquely Identified

    Every Case Study is stamped with a unique 9-digit identifier called a TVID for easy identification and verification.

Real-World Examples

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Tegile Case Study
Code 42 Case Study

How our customers use their Case Studies:

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