TechValidate Research on ZoomInfo

These pages present data that TechValidate has sourced via direct research with verified customers and users of ZoomInfo. TechValidate stands behind the authenticity of all published data. Learn more »

127 Customers Surveyed

950 Data Points Collected

3 Published TechFacts

4 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

ZoomInfo Customer Statistic

78% of customers agreed with the following statement:

“Access to Engage and ZoomInfo has helped consolidate my tech stack & improve my workflow "

ZoomInfo Customer Research

If you lost access to Engage, how would that impact your job performance?

It would be very difficult to do my job: 78%
My job performance would not be affected: 22%

ZoomInfo Customer Research

Engage has helped me book more meetings

Agree: 87%
Disagree: 13%

ZoomInfo Customer Statistic

63% of customers agreed with the following statement:

“With access to ZoomInfo and Engage I am closing more business.”

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