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Selected Research Highlights

Zendesk Talk Customer Research

What are the key benefits you’ve found since implementing Zendesk Talk?

We got started quickly
Our customer service has improved (first contact resolution, customer satisfaction, NPS)
Our reporting is more accurate
Our agents are more productive
We have saved money
We have reduced the number of vendors we manage

Zendesk Talk Customer Fact

Turkey health care company benefits from Zendesk Talk

Faith Ciftci, CEO, reports that Zendesk Talk has helped their company:

  • Improve support operations
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Enhance reporting capabilities
  • Reduce costs
  • Boost customer satisfaction

Zendesk Talk Customer Testimonial

With the integration of Zendesk and Zendesk Talk, we’re able to reduce the number of customer service platforms from multiple into just working within one. Keeping track of customers and customer representatives is easier than ever before.

Howard Choi, COO / Operations Executive, Golfio Inc.

Zendesk Talk Customer Research

What were your primary reasons for selecting Zendesk Talk?

It is part of Zendesk, so it fits into agent workflows
It makes it easy to keep track of phone conversations
It is fast and easy to setup
It is easy for our agents to use and doesn’t require training
It makes it possible to analyze support activity across channels
It is a fraction of the cost vs. other call center systems
It has all of the features we want and none that we don’t

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About Zendesk Talk

Zendesk Talk is cloud-based call center software seamlessly integrated with Zendesk. As a VoIP system, setup only takes a few minutes—there’s no need to hire additional technicians, retrain agents, or engage new vendors. The only thing a support team needs to get started is an internet connection, a headset, and ears that are ready to listen.

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