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Selected Research Highlights

Zendesk Talk Customer Research

How does phone support benefit your organization?

Phone support builds customer confidence in our products & services
We resolve complicated customer issues over the phone
Phone support results in higher customer satisfaction than other support channels
Phone support differentiates us competitively
We use phone support as an opportunity to sell products or services
We charge extra for premium phone support

Zendesk Talk Customer Research

What are the key benefits you’ve found since implementing Zendesk Talk?

We got started quickly
Our customer service has improved (first contact resolution, customer satisfaction, NPS)
Our reporting is more accurate
Our agents are more productive
We have saved money
We have reduced the number of vendors we manage

Zendesk Talk Customer Fact

S Loyalty, a Hong Kong-based computer software company, sees benefits with Zendesk Talk

William Chan, Co-Founder, reports that Zendesk Talk:

  • Increases the productivity of their agents
  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces the number of vendors needed
  • Is quick to implement

Zendesk Talk Customer Testimonial

For both outbound sales and support, we rely on the phone system to be in touch with our customers. It is because of this that I’m almost unable to quantify the positive impact that Zendesk Talk has had, as we would not be able to live at all without our phones.

Mario Tasane, Manager, Customer Service/Support, Pipedrive

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About Zendesk Talk

Zendesk Talk is cloud-based call center software seamlessly integrated with Zendesk. As a VoIP system, setup only takes a few minutes—there’s no need to hire additional technicians, retrain agents, or engage new vendors. The only thing a support team needs to get started is an internet connection, a headset, and ears that are ready to listen.

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