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Xirrus, Inc. Customer Statistic

Xirrus helped 77% of surveyed organizations scale Wi-Fi networks to support increased number of devices.

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Testimonial

Court Becomes More Efficient

The state judicial provides a WiFi service for courtrooms but our county attorney was having problems retrieving info during trials. With the new Xirrus APs, they are very happy to have safe, secure access to networked files making trial work more efficient.

Gloria Carr, Executive, Floyd County

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Testimonial

A True Mobile Environment For Sales Teams

Most of our sales department works on mobile devices. The previous Wi-Fi system was so problematic, that a truly mobile environment was impossible. With Xirrus, our sales department can work reliably from their mobile devices.

Aaron Porter, IT Administrator, Infinity Direct, Inc.

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Testimonial

Police And City Become More Efficient

Xirrus solution allowed us to upload huge PD camera videos wirelessly. This eliminated the constant maintenance of the outdoor wired port access. With Xirrus, we have increased our wireless coverage and accessibility by at least 4X.

David McGaughey, IT Director, City of Lubbock

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Testimonial

XMS-Cloud Gives Complete Control Anytime Anywhere

I’m able to view statistics, change SSIDs, passwords, radio frequencies, etc. on the fly from where ever I am, instead of needing to remote into a controller. The Xirrus cloud management is a huge upgrade.

Craig Big Eagle, IT Manager, Pacific Northwest Ballet

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Testimonial

Higher Ed Teachers Love Xirrus

The productivity our teachers now have with Xirrus, being able to have all 20-30 students on their iPads or laptops and have no issues has been a great factor for improved teaching

Raymond Scott, Deputy Principle, Trinity College Gladstone

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Testimonial

Schools Trust Xirrus For On-line Testing

1400 Chromebooks were used to perform computer-based state mandated testing at the end of the school year. Issues in the past due to WiFi caused headaches to tech staff and testing coordinators. Xirrus took all those issues away and testing went extremely smoothly this year.

Wayne Caudle, Chief Technology Officer, Boaz City Schools

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Statistic

Easy To Deploy And Easy To Manage

60% of surveyed organizations who stated configuring and managing their previous Wi-Fi network as a key challenge increased IT staff efficiency by switching to Xirrus.

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Statistic

Xirrus Delivers Instantaneous Productivity Boost

80% of surveyed organizations immediately increased network availability with Xirrus.

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Statistic

Vendor Of Choice

34% of surveyed organizations switched from Cisco to Xirrus.


Xirrus, Inc. Customer Testimonial

Simple, intuitive and powerful.

Assistant Principal, Educational Institution

Xirrus, Inc. Customer Statistic

48% of surveyed organizations reduced capital expenditures by between 25 – 49% or more with Xirrus.


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