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125 Customers Surveyed

1,240 Data Points Collected

87 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

Wick Buildings Customer Research

How would you rate your Wick Building(s)?


Wick Buildings Customer Research

How did you find out about Wick Buildings?

Already own a Wick building: 23%
Search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, …etc.): 23%
Referral from friend / colleague: 21%
Other – please specify: 11%
Print advertisement: 9%
Show / fair / event: 9%
Web advertisement: 3%
Outdoor signage (billboard, semi, work truck, worksite signage, …etc.): 2%
Social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, …etc.): 0%

Wick Buildings Customer Statistic

67% of surveyed customers found Wick Buildings blog to be helpful.


Wick Buildings Customer Satisfaction Rating

Meets Every Need

A customer of Wick Buildings would be very likely to recommend for this reason:

Our Wick building is well built and good looking. It meets every need we expected of it.

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About Wick Buildings

With the sale of over 75,000 buildings since its founding in 1954, Wick Buildings is one of the nation’s largest producers of post-frame buildings. Wick buildings are wood-frame structures covered with steel panels and/or exterior materials such as brick, block and other types of siding and roofing materials. Working from our production facility in Mazomanie, Wisconsin, we provide the following services:

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