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LogiPharma Attendee Fact

The Most Interactive LogiPharma – Ever

A small pharmaceuticals company thought the onsite networking was awesome!

LogiPharma Attendee Research

100% of attendees get more than 2-3 great ideas that can be implemented after the event!

How many great ideas from the event do you think you’ll be implementing over the next 6-12 months?

4 - 6
2 - 3

LogiPharma Attendee Review

LogiPharma is a Can’t Miss Event!

5/5 Stars

Why your organization chose to attend:

To gain practical insight on how to achieve digitization, end-to-end visibility, and customer-first strategies.

Would you recommend the event, and if so, why?

This conference drives the following value:

  1. Helps attendees build their strategic capabilities
  2. Learn a variety of functional practices within the supply chain industry
  3. Considerable interaction between companies big and small
  4. Provides the tools you need to develop into a mature organization

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About Worldwide Business Research Logipharma

For over 15 years, LogiPharma has been the top resource for 100s of senior level supply chain executives within Life Sciences. Our event gives attendees a holistic look at the global supply chain by promoting end-to-end visibility & strategies proven to better serve customers while minimizing costs.

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