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807 Data Points Collected

111 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

Virtual Hold Technology Customer Research

What customer information is important to organizations?

Surveyed organizations indicate they are missing the following information from their customers.

Preferred channel
Social Media Information
Purchasing Trends
Buying Patterns

Virtual Hold Technology has been very positive for our customers and let’s them avoid waiting in our queues. It’s still a surprise to customers when they encounter the service, even after 9 years of having it in our call centers.

Line of Business Manager, Small Business Energy & Utilities Company

Top Benefits with VHT Callback

What types of benefits did you realize following the implementation of VHT Callback?

Improved customer perception
Increase in NPS
Reduction in customer churn

Virtual Hold Technology Customer Review

4/5 Stars

How our organization uses VHT solutions:

Customers have been very pleased with VHT Callback, which provides an excellent safety-net in times of non-forecasted volume.

Would you recommend Virtual Hold Technology?

Yes, solid product and expanding technology suite.

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About Virtual Hold Technology

Virtual Hold Technology pioneered a new approach to customer service that helps organizations eliminate customer wait times – creating a positive first impression of the brand and improving customer interactions, operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

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