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104 Customers Surveyed

608 Data Points Collected

36 Published TechFacts

2 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

ImageRight Customer Statistic

Data automation

97% of respondents agree that ImageRight’s automated data capture streamlines recordkeeping and research.


Sircon for Carriers Customer Research

Pre-implementation challenges

Respondents said their top three challenges prior to implementing Sircon Producer Central were operational inefficiency, changing regulations, and regulatory fines.

Operational inefficiency
Keeping up with changing regulations
Risk of regulatory fines

Sircon for Carriers Customer Research

Top features for users

A majority of respondents cited daily records syncs as Sircon Producer Central’s most useful feature.

Daily records syncs with the National Producer Database (PDB)
Web services and data feed integrations
Real-time producer appointment processing
Bulk transactions
Compliance rules engine
Just-in-time appointment processing
Pre-built and dynamic reporting

Sircon for Carriers Customer Statistic

Improved process automation

100% of respondents who cited complexity of producer compliance or regulatory fines as their biggest concerns prior to implementing Sircon Producer Central saw improvements in their ability to automate more processes.

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