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577 Customers Surveyed

3,575 Data Points Collected

291 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

Verizon Network Services Case Study

Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc.


This case study of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is based on an August 2016 survey of Verizon Network Services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Verizon’s Network services have helped to enable digital transformation in our organization.”

“Network reliability and resiliency have improved the productivity of Warner Brothers’ employees globally. The sourcing of staff from Verizon has improved our network support processes, documentation and overall service levels for the WB Divisions worldwide.”


Purchased Verizon networks for the following reasons:

  • Strong partnership/trusted advisor
  • Network reliability
  • Price
  • Challenges faced before using Verizon’s Network services:
    • Driving digital transformation
    • Being a reliable service
    • Providing increased business continuity and improving security/risk posture

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Verizon Network Services that the surveyed company uses:

  • Broadband Services
  • Dedicated Internet Services
  • Managed Network Services
  • Private IP Services


Has experienced the following benefits from using Verizon Network services:

  • Building or maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Delivering better customer experiences
  • Providing increased business continuity and improved security/risk posture
  • Used Verizon Network services to address the following areas:
    • Developing an agile network and cloud infrastructure
    • Enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction
    • Improving collaboration and workflow
    • Improving resiliency and business continuity
    • Lowering the overall information security/risk profile across the enterprise
  • Expected payback period from Verizon’s Network services is 6-12 months
  • Realized a Up to 10% increase in the productivity of their staff by using Verizon Networking services
  • Realized a 25-49% improvement in their customer’s experience by using Verizon Networking services

Verizon Network Services Customer Research

Top Reasons Customers Choose Verizon Network Services

What were your top purchasing drivers for selecting Verizon Network services?

Network reliability
Strong partnership/Trusted advisor
Verizon's reputation
Dedicated support

Verizon Networks Services Customer Research

85% of Secure Cloud Interconnect customers see increased operational efficiency

Which of the following business outcomes has Verizon Network Services helped you address?

Increased operational efficiency
Delivered better customer experiences
Increased employee productivity & collaboration
Provided increased business continuity
Achieved revenue growth
Improved security / risk posture
Maintained a competitive advantage

Verizon Networks Services Customer Satisfaction Rating

Verizon partners with large enterprise company

An IT Manager of a large enterprise industrial manufacturing company would be very likely to recommend Verizon Networks Services for this reason:

Verizon team is more than a supplier, they are a partner. The team works diligently with us on service and new technology opportunities.

Verizon Network Services Customer Testimonial

Strong delivery and good performance.

Executive, Global 500 Computer Hardware Company

Verizon Networks Services Case Study

Carlson Companies


This case study of carlson companies is based on a February 2017 survey of Verizon Networks Services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Verizon’s Network Service(s) helped deliver the digital initiatives in our organization.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Verizon Networks Services:

  • Selected Verizon Network Service for the following reasons:
    • An integrated solution from a single vendor
    • Global network coverage
  • Faced the following challenges prior to implementing Verizon Network Services:
    • Improving business continuity
    • Improving employee productivity
    • Mitigating network security risks

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Verizon Networks Services that the surveyed company uses:

  • Uses the following Verizon Network Service:
    • Managed Network Services
  • Has had Verizon Network Services for 1-3 years.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Verizon Networks Services:

  • Addressed the following business outcomes with Verizon Network Services:
    • Improved security/risk posture
    • Increased employee productivity & collaboration
  • Improved the following areas by using Verizon Network Service/s:
    • Customer experience: greatly improved
    • Employee productivity: greatly improved
    • Overall operational efficiency: greatly improved
    • Network speed and performance: significantly improved
    • Security & risk across business: significantly improved

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