TechValidate Research on Verizon Fiber-Optic Services

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3,612 Data Points Collected

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Selected Research Highlights

Verizon Fios Customer Research

Majority of customers rate value as excellent or above average

How would you rate the value of your Verizon service?

Excellent: 23%
Above average: 38%
Average: 30%
Below average: 3%
Poor: 6%

Verizon Fios Customer Testimonial

Higher internet speed and reliability help keep our customers up and processing transactions.

Project Manager, Small Business Telecommunications Services Company

Verizon Fios Customer Research

Select all of the following statements that you agree with:

“My Verizon service gives me the flexibility, speed and reliability I need to run my business.”
“I would recommend Verizon over my previous service provider.”
“My Verizon service helps me run my business more efficiently.”

Verizon Fios Customer Testimonial

Family medical practice relies on Verizon

High speed, reliable, without interruption.

Dr. Mark Turshen, physician at Direct Doctors

Verizon Fios Case Study

Wagontown Volunteer Fire Company Relies on Verizon for Emergency Calls


This case study of Wagontown Volunteer Fire Company, Wagontown, PA is based on a December 2017 survey of Verizon Fios customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“My Verizon service gives me the flexibility, speed and reliability I need to run my business.”

“Provides a reliable platform that allows us to receive our emergency calls via the station’s printing and paging system.”


The business challenges that led the Wagontown Fire Company to evaluate and ultimately select Verizon over competing services:

  • Dependable service
  • Faster Internet speeds

Use Case

Wagontown Fire Company describes their Verizon service using the following words:

  • Reliable
  • High-speed


  • Wagontown Fire Company experienced less downtime for installation, repairs or outages with their Verizon service.
  • Wagontown Fire Company rates the value of their Verizon service as above average.
  • Wagontown Fire Company rates the following capabilities for Verizon compared to their prior service provider:
    • Internet speed: Significantly better
    • Reliability: Best in class
    • Service: Best in class
    • Flexibility: Significantly better

Verizon Fios Case Study

Rockland Gymnastics Academy


This case study of Rockland Gymnastics Academy is based on a November 2018 survey of Verizon Fios customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We have had no downtime since we moved over to Verizon.”

“Internet connection has been a lot better.”

“Great package deals, very efficient.”


Rockland Gymnastics Academy used the following provider prior to Verizon:

  • Cablevision/Altice/Optimum

The following challenges with Cablevision/Altice/Optimum
prompted Rockland Gymnastics Academy to evaluate Verizon services:

  • Slow data speeds
  • Poor voice quality for phone calls
  • Billing issues

Use Case

Rockland Gymnastics Academy values the following aspects of the Verizon Fios service most when compared to competing services:

  • Reliability of the Verizon service
  • Better customer service support
  • Easy to read bills
  • No contract commitments

Rockland Gymnastics Academy rated the following Verizon features compared to Cablevision/Altice/Optimum:

  • Internet speed: better
  • Reliability: better
  • Customer service: better
  • Online experience: better
  • Value for the price: better


Rockland Gymnastics Academy agrees with the following:

  • Verizon service gives us the flexibility, speed and reliability needed to run our business
  • Would recommend Verizon over previous service provider

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