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Vereos Digital PET/CT Customer Research

With the Vereos Digital PET/CT, I have been able to:

Detect small lesions
Reduce radiopharmaceutical dose
Increase patient throughput

Vereos Digital PET/CT Customer Statistic

67% of organizations agreed with the following statement:

“Accurate staging of patients with the Vereos Digital PET/CT has allowed me to customize the treatment path.”

Vereos Digital PET/CT Customer Testimonial

Workflow Advantages

Improved patient throughput with decreased dose.

David Waldman, Director of Imaging, University of Rochester

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About Vereos Digital PET/CT

The Vereos PET/CT with Philips proprietary Digital Photon Counting technology reduces the traditional tradeoffs between sensitivity gains and resolution gains. It positions you to go beyond the current limitations in PET/CT imaging and improve patient care.

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